Styling Compound Styling Guide

Our Styling Compound uses a formulation that is similar to our Signature Pomade, with the difference being that it has added beeswax and kaolin clay that is designed to enhance pliability while leaving your hair with a matte finish. It is ideal for men that periodically run their hands through their hair during the course of the day to tweak their appearance. 

Style Your Hair with Our Styling Compound Styling Guide

Any product which uses shine in its label is designed to reflect light and will make your hair appear glossy, whereas products that have a matte label will cause your hair to absorb light and prevent glossiness. When shopping for hair care products you’ll also need to consider their holding power which ranges from low to moderate and maximum hold. To apply Uplift Provisions Styling Compound, you’ll want to:

  • Begin by working a minimum amount inside your hands. Take a pea-sized amount from the Styling Compound tub. You can add more product if you have thicker and longer hair. 
  • This product can be used on hair that is dry or damp. You get matte and pliable hair if you apply our Signature Pomade on dry hair.
  • To freshen your appearance during the day, you’ll want to dampen your fingers before running them through your hair. 

Kaolin Clay adds body and thickness to hair. Uplift Provision Company’s Styling Compound uses a lightweight mixture that is readily absorbed within hair while not leaving behind any residue. Additional benefits of using clay include:

  • Clay is prized for its ability to extract impurities such as dirt while not depriving your hair of natural oils.
  • It will nourish your scalp and hair due to its rich composition of nutrients and minerals.
  • Clay does a great job of controlling frizzy hair, which makes it essential for men that have curly or extended strands.

After application clay will either provide a semi-matte or matte texture as well as a moderate or high hold. The other major ingredient we use is beeswax, which has been applied to hair since antiquity. The substance is produced via worker bees that create honeycombs where honey is stored for bee colonies. It is rich in vitamin A and exhibits antibacterial characteristics. Beeswax has natural holding properties. 

When applied to hair, it will retain moisture while straightening and smoothing the strands. This makes it ideal for men who have a hard time managing their hair or keeping their styles intact and beeswax can be applied to hairdos that are twisted or braided. 

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

The hair care products we sell are extensively researched, tested, and formulated. Our Styling Compound utilizes Kaolin clay which is the most gentle substance available for hair as it will cleanse your scalp and strands without excessively drying them, and will also nourish your hair to provide greater elasticity. The beeswax can seal strands which makes it perfect for concealing split ends while promoting growth. The presence of lime and peppermint produces a magnificent blended scent.

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