Top Trending Back-to-School Men's Hairstyles and Essential Hair Products to Get the Look!


With the back-to-school season approaching, it's the perfect time for guys to revamp their look and step into the classroom with style. Your hairstyle speaks volumes about your personality, and it's a fantastic way to make a lasting impression. In this blog, we'll dive into the world of trending back-to-school men's hairstyles and the must-have hair products to help you achieve these looks effortlessly.

  1. The Textured Quiff

The textured quiff is a timeless yet modern hairstyle that's been dominating the men's fashion scene. This versatile look strikes the right balance between casual and put-together, making it an excellent choice for the classroom. To achieve the textured quiff, start by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add body and texture. Towel-dry your hair and apply a texturizing spray to enhance its natural movement. Use a hairdryer and a round brush to lift the hair at the crown while blow-drying, creating volume. Apply a matte styling product such as a pomade (Uplift Signature Pomade) or a clay (Uplift Styling Compound) to shape the quiff and give it that effortlessly cool finish.

  1. Sleek Side Part

The sleek side part is a classic hairstyle that exudes sophistication and confidence. It's a go-to option for formal occasions and can also be adapted for a polished back-to-school look. To achieve this style, start by applying a good quality hair serum or oil to damp hair. This will add shine and manageability. Create a clean side part using a comb and then comb the hair on the sides neatly. Apply a strong hold pomade (Uplift Signature Pomade) or cream and comb the hair on top to the side, maintaining a sleek and polished appearance. This hairstyle works well with various hair lengths, making it accessible for everyone.

  1. Messy Textured Hair

If you're aiming for a more relaxed and effortless look, the messy textured hairstyle might be your best bet. It's a style that embraces the "bedhead" vibe while still looking intentional. Begin by washing your hair with a gentle shampoo that won't strip away its natural oils. Towel-dry your hair and apply a sea salt spray (Uplift Sea Salt Hair Texturing Spray) to add texture and enhance the messy effect. Use your fingers to style your hair, allowing it to fall naturally into place. If you need more hold, a light-hold clay (Uplift Styling Compound) or cream can be applied to keep the texture while adding a touch of control.

  1. Taper Fade with a Hard Part

For a bold and contemporary look, consider a taper fade with a hard part. This style combines the clean lines of a fade with the definition of a sharp part, creating a polished and eye-catching appearance. Start by visiting a professional barber for a precise taper fade. Keep the top hair longer and style it with a medium-hold wax or styling clay (Uplift Styling Compound). Use a comb to create the hard part, which adds an extra layer of detail to the look. This style requires regular maintenance to keep the fade sharp and the lines clean.

  1. Natural Curls with Undercut

If you're blessed with natural curls, why not show them off with pride? Pairing natural curls with an undercut creates a dynamic contrast that's both stylish and unique. To achieve this look, start by getting an undercut at the sides and back from a skilled barber. Embrace your curls by using a curl-enhancing shampoo and conditioner to define and nourish them. Apply a leave-in conditioner or curl-defining cream to keep the curls looking their best. This style celebrates your natural texture while maintaining a neat and polished appearance.

Essential Hair Products

  1. Texturizing Spray: A texturizing spray adds volume and movement to your hair, making it easier to style and giving your chosen hairstyle that trendy, lived-in look. or see Uplift Texture Dust 

  2. Styling Pomade: Pomades provide a medium to strong hold with a glossy or matte finish, depending on the type. They are perfect for sculpting and defining various hairstyles. (Uplift Signature Pomade)

  3. Hair Serum or Oil: These products add shine and manageability to your hair, especially for sleek and polished styles. They also help control frizz and flyaways.

  4. Sea Salt Spray: Sea salt spray adds texture and a beachy vibe to your hair, making it perfect for achieving that effortless and messy look. (Uplift Sea Salt Hair Texturing Spray)

  5. Clay or Wax: These products offer a matte finish and a strong hold, making them great for creating textured and structured hairstyles like the textured quiff or messy hair. (Uplift Styling Compound)


As you gear up for the back-to-school season, don't underestimate the power of a great hairstyle. The right hairstyle can boost your confidence and set a positive tone for the academic year. Whether you opt for the textured quiff, sleek side part, messy textured hair, taper fade with a hard part, or natural curls with an undercut, there's a trending style to suit your personality and preference. Remember to stock up on essential hair products like texturizing sprays, pomades, serums, sea salt sprays, and waxes to help you achieve and maintain your desired look. With the right hairstyle and products, you'll be ready to make a stylish entrance into the classroom and the new school year ahead.