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About Uplift Provisions Co.

Our story...

What Started as a Barber and Client Relationship

This story begins 12-long years ago when co-founder Steve Presti visited a local up-and-coming barbershop, where Master Barber, Rocco Danieli worked and was barbering. Steve, without an appointment was assigned to, at that time, a very young Rocco, for a quick clean-up haircut. They connected, formed a bond, and started a life-long friendship. Steve is still is a long-time customer of Rocco's / a loyal friend / and co-partner of Uplift Provisions Co. who still gets his hair cut at Rocco's very own local barbershop, Over The Top Barbershop in Stoneham, MA.

Rocco had a few turbulent and wild years. He lost his two sisters to drug overdose, and has a older brother in addiction recovery. Addiction runs in his family. Rocco himself hit rock-bottom. He was broken, lost, restless, irritable and discontent. He started his 12-step recovery after a major auto accident that broke both his feet. He struggled for 8 month on a roller-stool trying to cut hair. He was depressed and completely fell out of love with barbering. He could barely just go out and be social because he was so uncomfortable with himself. Rocco was so disconnected spiritually, emotionally. Losing his two sisters to addiction, almost losing his other brother to addiction, and almost killing himself in the car crash, it scared Rocco straight. While on his own colossal journey of recovery, he needed to try to be positive. The 12-step program needed to work. He was looking for something....anything at all to focus on. Rocco started to think about his future and where it was headed. This Master Barber wanted and needed to do something for himself.

The Start of Uplift Provisions Co

Uplift started two years ago on his kitchen stove. He mixed almost every cosmetic scent known to man, blended it into a melted pomade hot pot, but wasn't overly-thrilled with the final results. The scents were the same'ol scents we've been smelling for years. His sensitive sinuses has adverse reactions to the basic mens scents that he tried and are currently on the market. He needed something 'different'. After digging in, and performing an innumerable amount of hours of research, Rocco discovered an all-purpose pomade, made from simple, clean, natural ingredients that's safe to use, with beautiful style and strong hold. He landed on a blend of natural peppermint & lime oil concoction that would soon before the future of Uplift Provisions Co. LLC.

Natural peppermint and lime oils have a plethora of benefits for your hair. With that blended scent, and the added attractant pheromones, it was an instant success. He commenced mixing hair pomades in the basement of his barber shop to sell. He handcrafted and sold tons of product, where he established a devoted following for his newly born product. The demand of making mens hair products, for the masses of supporters, and still maintaining his full-time barber position was an immense struggle. The task of keeping product stocked on his own shelves, while selling to neighboring barbershops grew amazingly stressful and tiring. Without giving up, he turned to local manufacturers to blend, pour, and label product. He soon learned mass production was an immensely expensive venture

The Growth of Uplift Provisions Co

Needing an investor, Rocco turned to Steve and Kelly Presti for help. He asked for either a business loan to help him build product with manufactures or a partnership. Steve & Kelly believe, in both the great product and Rocco's ability to do whatever it takes to achieve success. They chose partnership. Since the summer of 2018, they have diligently worked hand-in-hand to get Uplift Provisions Co. LLC built and launched. Steve & Kelly moved on from their day jobs as a science researcher and marketing manager, respectively. Over the past year, they have discovered the hardships and the road blocks that one encounters when starting a small business. They have persevered and endured.

Uplift now manufactures handcrafted, professional barber/salon and individual-use, men's grooming products. Uplift will never do any testing on animals, use harmful sulfates, or add any phthalates, or synthetic scents.

Meet the Uplift Provisions Co. Team

Rocco Danieli

Founder of Uplift Provisions Co.

On top of founding Uplift, Rocco is also a master barber. He is a co-founder/owner of Over the Top Barbershop in Stoneham, Massachusetts. When he isn’t taking care of business with Uplift, he is helping recovering addicts through hosting AA meetings in the barbershop and offering recovering barbers work.

Steve Presti

Co-owner of Uplift Provisions Co

Before working with Uplift, he served in the military as a combat medic and a Medical Laboratory Specialist at Walter Reed Army Center. Among his experience is also a Clinical Application Specialist for hospitals across the country. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, as well as an Associate of Science degree.

Kelly Presti

Co-founder of Uplift Provisions Co.

Kelly's resume includes experience ranging from store management to marketing, finance, and inventory management with key retailers including Pottery Barn, Gap, Cost Plus World Market and Timberland. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and communication, as well as a Master’s degree in business from Babson.