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Uplift Provisions Company believes in unifying the hair industry. With us, you are part of a team, a community of like-minded individuals here to support and encourage one another. Ultimately, we are all human and chasing the same thing. We look out for one another, we leave our egos at the door, we enjoy cutting hair, and we spread uplifting motivation to others by helping people grow inside and outside of salons and barbershops. Life can be hard. It’s important to inspire people, to make them feel good and  look good. That’s the biggest satisfaction I have in life. 

Rocco Danieli,

Creator, Barber & Co-Founder of Uplift Provisions Company   


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As Seen on LA Wire

Getting the opportunity to turn things around for good is not something that happens to everyone in their lives. The founder of Uplift Provisions Company, LLC, Rocco Danieli, was not only able to turn his life around positively, but he also is getting the chance to pay it forward by helping people that need help.

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