Here at Uplift Provisions Company, we provide you with quality products so that you can create the stylish look that you want. If you are looking for quality shaving products, you have come to the right place. Increase your attractiveness and uplift your image using our clear shave gel. Our company started off by combining clean and simple ingredients to form a great product, and our shave gel is one of them. One of the natural ingredients which we use in our shaving products is arnica. 

About Arnica

Arnica is a flowering herb that is native to rocky, cold regions such as Eastern Europe and Siberia. It is known as “the mountain daisy” as the yellow-orange blooms look like daisies. For years, arnica has been used as a treatment for hair, scalp, and skin conditions. The arnica extract is toxic when ingested but when it is diluted or applied, it may help with various health issues. 

Arnica has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Research has shown that arnica can reduce pain caused by inflammation and cut the time needed for inflamed bruising on the skin to heal. Since arnica oil reduces inflammation, people believe that it can treat various skin conditions.  

Here are some benefits of using arnica for your skin:

  • Anti-inflammatory

The plant has strong anti-inflammatory benefits that can reduce swelling and provide pain relief by improving blood circulation. It may reduce the inflammation that causes irritation, thereby allowing the skin to recover quickly after a shave and reduce any razor burn.

  • Wound-healing

Arnica also has the ability to stimulate the flow of white blood cells and improve blood flow in bruised tissues. It is therefore an active ingredient used in shaving creams for the skin to heal faster after a shave.

  • Stress-relieving

The main restorative compound in arnica is known as sesquiterpene lactone, often referred to as helenalin. This compound can help to soothe and rejuvenate the skin after it has been exposed to stress.

Popular Products with Arnica

  • Clear Shave Gel 
  • Uplift Provisions Company’s clear shave gel is enriched with soothing plant extracts including arnica. It leaves your skin soft and hydrated. The water-based formula is easy-to-use and will not ruin your razor blades. The clear formula is perfect for avoiding any natural markings and achieving clean lines. The signature scent will lift your mood and leave you feeling clean and refreshed. 

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