Uplift Gives Back! Free Haircuts for the Nashua Children's Home

September 04, 2019

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In addition to our ‘Surviving the Industry’ event at Over the Top Barbershop in collaboration with Evolve Salon Systems and Evolve Scissor Systems; the next day, Uplift Provisions Co. and Evolve visited the Nashua Children’s Home in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Nashua Children’s Home is a fabulous organization committed to the care, welfare and educational achievement of children through various residential and educational programs.

While we were at the Nashua Children’s Home to give back and to help others, in the end, I believe we were the fortunate ones. Through our one-on-one experiences with the children, we encountered children that were less unfortunate and have endured adversity, but these kids also have bigger hearts and more potential than anything I’ve seen in my own journey. The strength I see in these kids. The happiness of just having each other. The older kids watching out for the younger kids. It was truly remarkable.

The Uplift team was not only able to cut the children’s hair, but also experience great conversations with the kids to ensure they felt happy, confident, and were looking good to start the new school year. I believe we learned more from them, than we taught them. Patience, Gratitude, Strength and to just be yourself….these qualities truly make a difference.

Thank you to our Uplift team members for your continued support with these great events. We were honored to have Jay Fata (@04kingjay) owner of @reverentindustries from San Diego and @J.Strives out of New York be a part of our team. @Tiedye_thebarber of @Overthetopbarbershop, you are the epitome of “Uplift” everyday.

Uplift Provisions Co. also had the honor of donating our Signature Pomade and Styling Compound hair products side-by-side with the legendary Kevin Murphy brand. We were truly grateful to see our products next to his. We want to thank Christine Nazaka from Evolve Salon Systems for all your patience and for making this event and the ‘Surviving the Industry’ event a reality. We also want to thank all of the Evolve Salon Systems team members including Steve Incerto for welcoming Uplift with open arms at these events. The memories, laughs, and smiles are priceless and will stay with us for an eternity. Thank you.

Rocco Danieli

Creator, Barber, & Co-Founder of Uplift Provisions Company

P: 888-766-2331 ext. 702

E: RoccoDanieli@UpliftProvisionsCo.com

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