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Safety Razor - Custom Wooden Handle

 - One of the latest additions to the UPLIFT family of high-end professional products is our custom wooden-handled safety razor adds a touch of elegance to our line of quality products. This well-designed and perfectly balanced wooden handle will deliver an amazingly close shave while setting itself apart from like imitation razors. 

- This razor adds an elegant addition to your shaving routine. 

- The double-edge blade allows for use on both sides to help extend blade life. 

- The heavy duty stainless steel, UPLIFT-logo engraved head is perfect for wet conditions and will last forever.  

- This will be the last razor you ever buy. 

- We work exclusively with a stainless steel manufacturer who has 30+ years’ experience producing smooth, curved metal razor products and combine this expertise with natural wooden handles.

- Safety razors are an effective solution to plastic waste worldwide. Not only do our safety razors look great, but they save you money in the process. Blades are far more cost-effective than purchasing single-use razors.