Ultimate Shave Guide

Choosing the right razor and shave gel is a crucial part of obtaining a great shave. Today men have more options than ever before, from electric razors to low-cost disposable models, but the best advice you can get is from a professional barber that works with clients on a daily basis.

Shave with Our Ultimate Shave Guide 

The shaving cream you choose is extremely important because it provides a lubrication layer to the skin which will allow the razor to move across smoothly without cutting it. Most of the products you see at the grocery store and in pharmacies are junk because many use propellants that will make your skin dry and cause irritation. When shopping for a shave gel, you’ll want to evaluate the following:

  • Ingredients: Knowing what the shave gel contains is essential. The best will feature organic ingredients such as almond, coconut oil, avocado, and aloe vera. Because these ingredients come from nature rather than being fabricated in a lab, your skin will be well protected and nourished during wet shaves. Furthermore, men who have sensitive skin will definitely want aloe vera due to its antiseptic characteristics. Some brands also contain peppermint, sandalwood, cedarwood, and lime. Avoid shaving creams that contain dyes, chemicals, mineral oil, and petroleum.
  • Feel and ease of application: The shaving cream you buy should be versatile and simple to apply, by brush or hand. It should also be compatible with hard or soft water. Once the shave is complete, it should leave your skin feeling smooth and free of razor burns.
  • Performance and scent: Go for light rather than strong scent, especially if you have sensitive skin. Regarding performance, you want a brand that produces a lather that has lubricity, as both attributes will provide your face and skin with the greatest protection. 

Uplift Provisions Company sells a product called the Ultimate Shave Set, which consists of a five-ounce bottle of shave gel along with a customized Mach 3 razor and a soft facial cloth made from cotton. We chose Mach 3 because it is widely considered the world’s premier three-bladed razor, with each blade being even tougher than steel. This feat is accomplished through the usage of a specialized atomic-based carbon coating, which increases the sharpness, strength, and durability, while still feeling gentle to the skin. It also has a lovely design with a handle that offers a solid grip.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

We are one of the world’s fastest-growing hair care product specialists. Our company was founded by Rocco Danieli, a master barber with more than a decade of experience. His passion for hair care and design led to extensive research and experimentation with a variety of ingredients which culminated in the widely successful products they sell today, which are rich in lime oil and peppermint due to their host of benefits and pleasant scent.

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