Exclusive Sets

A lot of people want to buy products that complete an entire line, saving them the trouble of buying two or more items from different brands. At Uplift Provisions Company, we understand that your time is better spent doing the important things in life. Therefore, we have exclusive sets that will make your journey to shaving fuss-free, simpler and better. We only offer those products that are gentle enough on your skin, and we formulate these products using the most premium ingredients and materials.

Our Exclusive Sets

Men often settle for store-bought products, thinking that those items will work just fine on them. They think that these products are more than enough, regardless of what ingredients are used to make them. They miss out on checking the formulation, and whether or not what is included in the pack will work as promised.

Uplift Provisions Company wants men to change the way they think about skincare. At Uplift Provisions Company, we are able to do that with our exclusive sets, like the Ultimate Shave Set. The pack includes everything you need to remove those unwanted facial hair flawlessly – from our Clear Shave Gel and Uplift Signature razor handle to our gentle face cloth.

Popular Features of Our Exclusive Sets

Our Ultimate Shave Set is your all-in-one solution to unwanted facial hair, that promises a great, refreshed look thereafter. Each product in the set has different features to offer.

  • Clear Shave Gel. Our 5 fl. oz. Clear Shave Gel has been formulated using soothing plant extracts. It has Arnica to mitigate razor burn and spirulina for that clearer complexion. It also has cactus leaves which are proven to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. Add to that, you get a refreshing, and energizing feeling; thanks to the peppermint-lime combo in the gel.
  • Uplift Signature Razor Handle. This razor handle works well with the Gillette Mach 3 razor blade which is also included in the set.
  • Gentle Face Cloth. Shaving won't be complete unless you have that special gentle cloth to get rid of water and shaved hair from your face. You cannot just have any face cloth to do that. You need one that has been made out of white cotton. This is what we have in our exclusive set.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

Uplift Provisions Company is your go-to store for exclusive sets that are best fitted for a man's personal care needs. As we continue to develop our list of offerings, we make it a point that you will enjoy what is included in our package. We work hard to bring to you the exclusivity of our Uplift Signature products, while you continue to develop and regain your self-esteem. We do not just make any promises; we make sure that we keep them.

Shop for your favorite exclusive sets now! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.