Donation Of Sales To Non-Profit

Our company name, "Uplift", was inspired by the notion of uplifting others and raising them up so they feel good about themselves and are confident to go after life. Therefore, Uplift Provisions Company is a strong believer in donating resources and time to assist others. It is a core part of our philosophy and to accomplish it, we have decided to donate a part of our sales to The Family Restored, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping both individuals and families affected by addiction.

Why We Partner with The Family Restored

Established in 2011 in Portland, Maine, The Family Restored is a support group started by a group of people recovering from addiction to help families understand and cope with their loved ones’ addiction. 

There are several reasons why we have decided to partner with The Family Restored, and these include:

  • Raise addiction awareness

Uplift Provision Company's main focus is to help raise addiction awareness, support recovery, and unify those who have this deadly disease. Our goal is to provide a sense of community for those who are struggling. Our Co-Founder Rocco Danieli is currently in recovery and strives to help any person who is struggling and in need of help.

  • Support families who are struggling

It can be very frustrating, challenging, and painful for families to cope with a loved one’s addiction. The Family Restored provides family support meetings in four New England states. The aim is to instill hope in these families and give them the strength to continue the journey. 

  • Reduce cost barrier to treatment

One of the most daunting challenges in recovery is the cost of treatment. Oftentimes, families do not have the financial resources to support their loved ones to access treatment. As a result, many people who are struggling with addiction are not able to receive the help and care they so desperately need. The Family Restored has established a Family Restored Scholarship for any person who needs financial assistance and is willing to commit to a 12 step program for at least 6 months. The scholarships are awarded monthly and only given to individuals who are willing to work with the recommendations of the representative from The Family Restored.

Work with Us to Uplift Others

The founders of Uplift Provisions Company understand first-hand how challenging recovering from addiction can be and the resolve, time, and effort required in the journey. We haven’t forgotten where we came from and our decision to donate to those afflicted by addiction is a reflection of that.

Critics and naysayers may say that donations from a single company will have a negligible impact on improving the lives of others, but those who feel this way miss the point. Our purpose is to take the lead and encourage more people to work together as a society to uplift others. The more people that get involved, the better off we will all be. 

If you have any questions for Uplift Provisions Company, feel free to contact us.