Buying/Styling (How-to-use) Guides

Uplift Provisions specializes in hair care products and their Pomade and Styling Compound are made with a wonderful blend of clean and simple ingredients which gives a boost of confidence! Everyone has the right to look good and feel good.

Pomade Styling Guide

The pomade we sell is carefully formulated with ingredients including lime and peppermint oil. These essential oils will make your hair feel energized and easily wash -out without creating a mess. Lime was selected due to its capacity to eradicate and prevent dandruff while leaving your hair with a delightful sheen. It will also awaken the cuticles of your hair to make it fuller.

Styling Compound Styling Guide

The ingredients used in our styling compound have a number of similarities with our pomade. However, it also has kaolin clay as well as beeswax to boost the pliability of your hair with a matte finish. It has outstanding holding power and the clay will add thickness to your hair strands. The lightweight mixture used in our styling compound means that your hair will absorb it easily without producing unwanted residue.

Texture Dust Styling Guide

Our texture dust is designed to improve hair that is flat or lifeless. It accomplishes this by providing texture as well as volume and is suitable for multiple hair types.  The texture dust is bottled in a pump sprayer, which makes it easy to apply. A lot of guys use it as an alternative to pomade during summer when the weather turns hot or humid because it contains ingredients that are designed to absorb sweat and oil. This will make your hair cleaner while protecting your scalp against bacteria, itchiness, and dryness.

Ultimate Shave Guide

Picking the correct shave gel and razor is a fundamental aspect of shaving the right way. While many men are content to purchase the first bottle of shaving cream they come across in the grocery store, sophisticated men are far more discriminating, choosing products that are free of propellants and rich in organic ingredients that will leave their skin feeling, looking, and smelling good. It is also important to choose a razor with blades that are strong and sharp which will thoroughly remove all your facial hair without harming your skin in the process.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

Our company was founded by Rocco Danieli, a master barber with years of experience in cutting hair and shaving beards and mustaches. Their products have caught the attention of barbers and stylists all over the country and world due to their unique formulation and superb blend. Because the founders have worked with clients of every hair type, they have developed products that can be used by everyone, including those who have sensitive scalps. The ingredients they use are carefully sourced, water-soluble, simple to apply, and will promote the health of your hair and scalp.

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