Men's Long On Top Hairstyles That Look Good On Any Face Shape

 Are you bored with your hairstyle and ready to change it up? Well, then you've come to the right place! With this guide, we've gathered a few trendy and flattering hairstyles to inspire you. 

From spiked tops to wavy pompadours, you can find the right haircut for you today! Now, are you ready to get started? Here's an in-depth look at a few men's long on top hairstyles: 

Undercut with Fade 

Now, this is one of the most high-maintenance haircuts there is; however it's also one of the trendiest. Worn by Zayn Malik, David Beckham, and even Brad Pitt, this haircut is sure to impress. 

Just ask your barber to keep your hair long on top but have the sides faded. Now how short you can go all depends on your bone structure. Consult with your barber about what length best fits your head and face shape.   

Now, this is the perfect hairstyle if you want to explore styling your hair. Whether you want to add spikes with some pomade or add definition with some moose, there's a lot you can do with this hairdo.  

Swept Back Approach 

Okay, fussing with your hair isn't your thing. We get that; that's why this natural-looking hairstyle comes in at number two. It's easygoing, lightweight, and not to mention low maintenance. How great is that? 

Now, to achieve this style, tell your barber you want the sides to be kept thin but the top to remain loose. This will give you more length on the top, which can appropriately be swept back. 

The layers not only give you a refined look, but its swept-back approach makes it look simple and flattering. Make sure you're ready to take lots of pictures! 

Spiked Top 

Are you in need of a haircut with some versatility? Well, you're in luck; the spiked top can do it all. 

With its short sides and spiky ends, it can be styled for any occasion. Whether it be in a workplace setting or a wedding ceremony, spiked tops are the ultimate hairdo. 

To achieve this look, ask your barber to keep the sides short while leaving the top loose with about an inch to spike up.  

Now, when you're styling your hair on your own, make sure you have a strong-hold pomade. Just remember, less is more. Only use about a dime-size amount to spike up the ends. If you use too much, it will leave your hair greasy and wet looking. 

Wavy Pompadour Style 

Oh, pompadour, don't you love them! Since their comeback in 2017, they've been surging in popularity due to their elegant aesthetic and styling methods. 

If you want this look tell your barber to keep about 2 inches on the top while keeping the sides short. This will create the length needed to style and shape the pompadour. 

However, be warned this isn't a low-maintenance hairstyle. It requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its stylish appearance. Although, with a wavy pompadour, you can style it less frequently since the ends are supposed to look curly and twisted. 

Short Sides with Long Locs

Are you looking to change up your style? Well, this haircut will certainly do the trick. After all, it's known for its trendy look and attractive appearance. 

To achieve this style, ask your barber to shave down the sides but keep your locs long on the top. That way, it should resemble a mohawk.  

Now, if you want to make your look pop, dye your locs. Whether it be blonde, red, or whatever you choose, use color to make your haircut stand out. 

Textured Top 

Do you hate waking up early to style your hair? Who doesn't, right? Well, this haircut will erase all your styling needs. With its layered strands, it's the perfect style to give your hair depth and dimension any day of the week. 

Just ask your barber to keep the sides short and add texture to the top. If you want lengthy layers, make sure you specify how long you want the strands. That way, you get the haircut you envision. 

Not only will it make your hair routine easy, but it will also give your hair the thickness it deserves. So don't be surprised if you get compliments. 

Scattered Bangs 

For those that need a change, why not get some scattered bangs. It's an easy way to change up your look without having to constantly fuss with your hair.  

Now, to get this look, ask your barber to cut the sides short while keeping the top loose. This will give you the length needed to create deconstructed bangs. 

Once they're cut, sweep it to one side to show the layers in between the bangs. Some people like to do this dramatically by using larger layers. On the other hand, some people like using smaller strands because it displays the dimension in their hair. 

Get These Men's Long on Top Hairstyles 

Selecting the best haircut for you can be a tricky decision. However, let these ideas inspire you. Whether it be the swept-back approach or textured top, use these ideas to help narrow down your next hairstyle. 

Now, remember, these don't represent every hairstyle out there. In fact, these men's long on top hairstyles are only the tip of the iceberg. 

So be creative and have fun with your hair. After all, you only live once, right? 

For more information about men's hairstyles, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find the right haircut for you.