Here's How to Add Texture to Hair


It happened again. You are having a great morning, everything is coming together. You have created the perfect outfit, you had your coffee just the way you like it, and then you look in the mirror and see your hair. You can't help but feel disappointed.

Adding texture to your hair is the perfect way to create a hairstyle that will have you feeling and looking good. With our list, how to add texture to hair is not as hard as it seems.

Keep reading for a guide to help you in your textured hair journey.

Experiment With Sprays

Our first style is for those who prefer a more natural take on their style. The best way to emphasize the texture already in your hair is through product sprays.

Sea salt has been a popular hair product for many years. With it, you can achieve a carefree yet structured beach-blown look. Spray your sea salt down each section of your hair starting at the roots.

After you finish spraying your hair down, use your hands to scrunch the ends of your hair upwards for a wayward look. 

More recently, in the hair spray world, texture spray has stepped onto the scene. These sprays were specifically designed to bring volume to your hair in whatever way you would like. Whether you want to be understated or are looking for a hairstyle that will instantly be noticed, texture hairspray will help you achieve the look you want.

Be sure to check your texture spray's instructions. Typically, you will wet your hair and then dry it for the best effect. You can either leave your hair as is after drying it or experiment with it before you bring out the hairdryer for a textured look.

Build Volume

Volume is one of the most in-demand ways to wear hair. Experiment with volume as your texture to keep your hair looking fresh and in style. 

To achieve volume, make sure to take advantage of products made to help you. There are shampoos specifically for enhancing hair volume. Starting at your basic hair maintenance will help you achieve a more rounded overall look.

Be sure to blow-dry your hair. Blow-drying your hair will make its volume pop and give you the chance to play with styles while you are drying it. Try working with different pieces of your hair while drying it to create a layered look.

Blow-dry your hair by turning your head upside down if it's longer or work your fingers through it if it is a shorter length. This will help bring your hair volume to its maximum level.

If you want to build even more volume, try using heat tools. Using a straightener or a curling iron to style your hair will help you add more variety to your style.

A Little off the Top

Maybe you have already tried the many ways to add texture and you are looking for a more permanent way to add it to your look. Maybe you want to jump headfirst into the texture world. Either way, shaving your hair for a more textured look will help you create a new style.

With the right barber, your straight hair can go to wavy hair with nothing more than a simple haircut.

Ask the person cutting your hair to add in layers. Having strands of hair at different lengths will help frame your face and make your hair more textured. 

Try two different types of lengths in your hair for variety that will bring out a unique texture. The classic undercut never goes out of style. Having a buzzed line under long hair will make your hair a statement all its own.

If you're into the more subtle look and have a longer hair length, try a blown-back look. Cut your hair in a way that makes it look like it is growing back in one direction for a sleek, textured style.

Messy With a Purpose

Messy hair is high fashion. Messy hair is also one of the best ways to bring texture to your hairstyle. 

For this method, you will only need hair products. Make sure to use a styling product with a good hold for a look that will last you well into the night.  

The best part about this method is that you do not have to start with a road map of what you want your final product to look like.

Start using the product to shape strands of your hair.

For ultimate texture, be sure to leave some pieces of your hair untouched by the product. Thrown in different styles for each individual piece of hair. Find what you like and build off of that style.

With the messy hair look, you can be as cohesive or as fun as you like. You can achieve a slicked-back, high-volume style. Or you can create a look by making every part of your hair styled in different ways.

Be sure to have fun, experiment, and use what makes you feel good as the foundation for your messy hairstyle.

How to Add Texture to Hair Is a Journey

How to add texture to hair is as easy as the tips listed. And the great thing is, our list is just the beginning. There are ways to add texture to your hair just waiting to be discovered.

Tired of wearing the same hairstyle or just want to experiment with your look? Adding texture to your hair will keep you feeling and looking good. After all, feeling confident about how you look is important.

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