8 Tips on Layering Hair Products for Beginners

Did you know our hair can affect our self-confidence? Consider learning about hair care today.

Are you looking for tips on layering hair products? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over different hair products to try.

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1. Pick the Right Conditioner and Shampoo

What kind of hair do you have? Start shopping around for shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type.

This way, you won’t be adding extra volume to your already voluminous hair. Ask your local barber if they have a brand they would recommend for your hair type.

Some people skip using a conditioner because they believe it will weigh down their hair. Pick up a light and nourishing conditioner that will help solve this problem.

2. Oil and Heat Protector Products

Do you use blow-dryers often? You’ll need to protect your hair with a heat protectant product.

Apply the protector from the middle part of your hair down to the ends. Your hair will get the most protection before you use your styling tools.

3. Volume or Thickening Products

If you want extra volume, you will do it during this step. Spritz the product near your roots. You could also use mousse instead. Mousse has moisturizing properties making it a versatile product.

A mid-weight product like a mousse or serum will help you boost your hair. Find a texture-enhancing mousse. Since you have applied a leave-in conditioner, you have a good baseline.

4. Texture Powder

Texture powder can add volume to your hair and provide a lightweight hold. The texture powder will also absorb excess oil from your hair. Your hair won’t feel as soft with other styling products.

You can use this as a pre-style product. Add your texture powder before adding paste or pomade. You’ll get the best volume from texture powder if you add it to your roots.

Use a small amount of texture powder. Rub the powder between your palms and apply it from the back of your head to the front. Don’t use it on your scalp.

5. Try a Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is popular among men and women who have long or medium hair. Using this kind of product will help absorb natural oil in your hair. You will have better volume, waves, and texture in your hair.

One of the other benefits of sea salt spray is that your hair doesn’t feel hard, sticky, or greasy. You can use sea salt spray on many different hairstyles. Use it to prep or style your hair.

Sea salt spray is popular to use in the summer, but you could use it all year round. If you would like this look, spray it through your wet or dry hair.

6. Pomade

To achieve a more classic look, consider using pomade. Pomade will create a shiny look to your hair while providing a medium hold.

Your hair won’t feel crunchy or hair. Unlike gel, you can restyle your hair throughout the day.

Pomade is also creamier than hair wax, making it more suitable for curly or thick hair. You can use pomade on different hair types. Best Signature Pomade here

7. Clay

Clay has become more popular over the years as a styling product. Clay has a firmer hold than pomade and a stickier feel.

You can add thickness to your hair and make it appear fuller. Clay will also absorb well into your hair, and draw out impurities.

The other benefit is, clay won’t dry out the natural oil in your hair. Maintain your frizzy hair with clay.

Clay products contain other natural ingredients that will help care for damaged hair. Try one with Kaolin clay, because it is a gentle clay. Learn more about the benefits of Kaolin clay.

Even though clay has a higher hold, there’s less shine. You can add more texture to your hair with this product. Rub a small amount between your palms. Apply to dry or damp hair.  Check out the top clay product here: Best Styling Compound here

8. The Final Products

Is your hair prone to frizz throughout the day? End your hair styling with hair oil or serum. If you have a slicked-back look, you’ll want to smooth down stray hairs with a finishing pomade or hairspray.

Hairspray can provide volume to your hair or help sustain volume in thinning hair. Apply the hair spray to the outside layer of your hair. The hair spray will lock your style in place.

When you’re using a finishing product, less is more. If you use too much at the beginning, your hair could appear crunching. Start small and add a bit more as you style your hair.

Consider using products that get made with natural ingredients. Your hair will look and feel healthy because you aren’t using products filled with chemicals. Read the ingredients label and look up ones you don’t recognize.

Now You Know More About Layering Hair Products 

We hope you found this guide on layering hair products helpful. Consider the style you’re going for and work through the steps. Don’t use too much product.

Consider checking out our natural hair products. If you have questions about the different products, contact us today.