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Benefits of Kaolin Clay on Skin and Hair

February 20, 2019

Benefits of Kaolin Clay on Skin and Hair

by Paul Koutras March 08, 2017

Kaolin clay, also known as White clay, White cosmetic clay, and China Clay, is a naturally occurring clay mostly found in soil developed from the weathering of rocks. It was mined for centuries in the Chinese Kao-lin mountains and thus obtained its name. This light clay has become increasingly popular in recent years and has had a long history with skin care in many cultures.. Lets take a look at what it can do.



Kaolin clay has the remarkable ability to draw out impurities from the skin. Dirt and germs are pulled from pores leaving them cleansed and unclogged which reduces blackheads and acne. 


As well as drawing out impurities Kaolin clay does a great job absorbing sweat and neutralizing body odours. This makes it the perfect addition in natural deodorant to help keep you dry and stink free.


If you have oily skin the absorbing properties of Kaolin can go a long way as they will soak up excess oils on the skin surface. If excess sebum is being produced, using Kaolin Clay will help reduce and balance its production.


This clay contains minerals and phyto-nutrients and we have already established that it removes toxins, dead skin, and excess oil from the skin surface. What makes Kaolin Clay so special is that it's the most gentle of the clays and is effective on all skin types including people with extremely sensitive skin.


In addition to beautification Kaolin has also been used effectively to treat muscle soreness, pain, inflammation, bruises, minor cuts, and bug bites. It is able to do all this because it improves blood circulation to the skin which promotes healing.


Even though it is a very fine, soft powder, Kaolin does have a slightly abrasive texture. This makes it perfect for getting rid of flaky, dead skin leaving behind just soft radiant skin. 



Kaolin Clay is excellent on your hair (or beard) because it will remove dirt from the scalp but won't strip it of its natural oils. While it gently cleans the scalp it will also increase circulation and help strengthen the ever important roots. Hair gets cleansed, but also gets moisturized to prevent brittleness and breakage.

There are many types of clay available these days and all have significant health benefits but what makes Kaolin so special is how gentle it is. This makes it usable by pretty much anyone, which will no doubt excite those individuals that struggle with skin sensitivities. 

We love Kaolin Clay so much we use it in our Hair Clay, Pre-shave oils, as well as our natural deodorants. As our product lines expand, I'm sure you'll see even more of this amazing ingredient.

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