5 Must-Know Hair Styling Tips For Men

What separates the boys from the men? A man who has confidence in his style is attractive to women and looks like he really has his life together. Rarely do you see a man who is well dressed and groomed who doesn't have the rest of his ducks in a row.

Dressing well is pretty simple. You find a style you like and then you emulate it by buying high-quality pieces of a similar style. Keep things neat, and you're good to go.

But hair styling is a learned skill and craft. You'll need hair styling tips to get your hair to its full potential and look like you know what you're doing with it. Just a few simple changes can transform your look and show that you put in just the right amount of effort into your appearance. 

1. Know Your Hair Products

One of the most important pieces of knowledge, before you begin trying to style your own hair, is the difference between different kinds of hair products. At first glance, they all make your hair stick and stay in a style, and so you might think that there aren't important distinctions between them. 

However, different hair products give different levels of hold and sheen and have very different effects. Let's take a look at some of the most common kinds of styling products for men's hair.

Creams and Gel

This classic hair product is one of the easiest to use and most widely recognized. This product is best used in slightly damp hair and will leave a sheen, almost wet look to the hair. It holds things in place, maintains frizz, and creates a clean-cut appearance.

Make sure you warm it up in your hands before you apply it to your roots. Otherwise, you could end up with a sticky glob at the back of your head. Finger combing keeps things casual while using gel with a comb creates a sleek look.

Paste, Clay, Pomade, Styling Compound, and Wax

All of these products are better used in dry hair. They are a thicker consistency than gels and typically have a matte finish. Finger comb it through your hair if you want things to stay in place but have a bit more of a casual look. 

You can also use wax or clay to create those intentionally messy styles. Finger comb it in and then strategically muss it up a little.


Hairspray is a finishing touch and often has a lighter feel. Once you've styled your hair (often with a blowdryer) give it a gentle, light spray to hold everything in place. You may need to touch up more often with spray, but it's less likely to weigh your hair down.

2. Shampoo Less

Most people shampoo their hair way too often. In fact, in the history of hair washing, shampoo is a relatively new development. Over shampooing your hair removes its natural oils which leaves it dry, brittle, and dull. You can also accidentally leave shampoo unrinsed which will weigh down your locks and make them look thin.

Get a higher-quality expensive shampoo (toss that drug store brand) and use it only a couple of times a week. This is enough to keep your hair clean while leaving it soft and healthy. You can choose to get your hair wet in the shower without shampooing it or you can invest in a shower cap to keep your style for multiple days with touchups.

Try Dry Shampoo

Are you afraid that without frequent shampooing your hair will look oily or start to smell? That's what dry shampoo is for!

Dry shampoos come in powders and sprays and trap just enough oil and moisture to leave your hair looking freshly washed even when you're between shampoo days.

3. Give Yourself Some Length to Work With

You may be tempted to have a very short haircut because it means less work. But less hair means less opportunity for styling. A buzzcut may be easy, but it comes with only one look. Longer styles have lots of opportunities to find the look that works best for you or to change it up depending on your mood. Besides, women love something to run their hands through.

Not everyone can pull off the long hippie locks or man bun though. And that's okay! There are lots of long-on-top hairstyles that are the perfect mix of professional and trendy.

4. Find Ways to Add Volume

Good hair is thick hair, but we aren't all blessed with naturally thick locks. Most people have to fake it to some degree. Luckily, there are plenty of tactics to make your hair look thicker than it is. And we're not talking about your grandfather's cheesy combover method.

Volumizing Sprays

Similar to hairspray, volumizing spray adds a little bit of stick to your hair. But after you apply it, you can brush it out and see amazing volume and texture. Spray in, muss it up, and comb it back to see an amazing lift to the root of your hair.

Blowdryer and Comb 

One of the oldest and truest methods to create volume is with a blowdryer and comb. With damp, towel-dried hair, section off your hair into layers. Layer by layer dry your hair with the blow drier while combing up and back a bit. The heat from the hairdryer will leave your hair in that position. Use a light hair spray to help it stay all day.

5. Keep Your Edges Clean

You don't need to constantly get hair cuts to keep your look fresh, but you should learn to do some light maintenance yourself. Keep the edges sharp and trimmed with an electric razor so that even when you're hair is getting longer, it still looks like you're rocking a fresh cut.

Hair Styling Tips Anyone Can Follow

By knowing which products to use and how often to style your hair, you can make a serious difference in your personal presentation. Follow these hair styling tips to go from alright hair to someone who really knows what they're doing.

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