4 Surprising Benefits Of Using Pomade On Your Beard

Beards were originally symbols of status and masculinity in ancient times. Now, beards have become a fashion statement. With men’s grooming attracting more attention in recent years, more men are looking for the right products to keep their beards healthy and well-groomed. One product that many have found useful is pomade. This is a conditioning product, often oil-based or water-based, that help you with styling your beard hair. Apart from that, these are some other benefits that using pomade on your beard can have!

Prevents Dandruff and Treats Your Skin

Dandruff doesn’t appear only on the head; it can appear on your beard too! This is because your skin produces sebum naturally in order to moisturize the skin and hair follicles. However, as your beard grows out, you may not be able to produce enough sebum to keep your beard hair moisturized. As a result, your dried-out skin can become irritated and flake off. Pomades for your beard often contain moisturizing ingredients like oils and kinds of butter. These help to keep your beard hair and skin hydrated to prevent dandruff from forming.

Keeps Your Beard Safe from the Elements

Many natural elements can damage your beard through prolonged exposure. These include the cold, excessive humidity, and exposure to the sun. These factors damage the proteins that make up the hairs in your beard, causing the hair fibers to weaken. Pomade prevents this by forming a thin layer over your beard hairs to protect them against the elements. The benefits of this also extend to the skin underneath your beard as well. The protective coating helps the skin to better retain moisture in dry environments.

Allows You to Style Your Beard Easily

Pomades are good for hairstyling but they can be used for your beard as well! The moisturizing elements in a pomade can help to hydrate your hair. This will cause the texture of your beard to become soft and flexible. This pliability allows you to easily style the beard into whatever style you wish. Furthermore, the pomade will hold your beard in place once you have molded it into your desired shape. Placing just the right amount of pomade ensures that stray beard hairs are flattened and kept under control. This will give your beard a sleek and professional look.

Encourages Healthy Hair Growth in Your Beard

Maintaining a healthy beard can be difficult. Things like the type of soap you use or the temperature of your shower can have a significant impact on your beard growth. Pomades help to keep your beard healthy by replenishing the oils in your beard. After a shower, oils in your beard are often stripped away but pomades can remoisturize your beard. This moisturizing effect also prevents other beard hair problems like split ends and breakages. This is because a well-moisturized beard is likely to have healthier and thicker hair. It is also more unlikely that your beard will tangle too!

Overall, using pomades on your beard can help give your beard a much-needed boost! Remember to always start with a small amount and only use it on clean and dry facial hair.