Styling Gift Guide: 10 Hair Products For Every Man's 2020 Wishlist

By the year 2025, it's expected that the men's grooming product market will reach $78.5 billion

There is a rising demand for men's hair products as it becomes more and more clear that men care about their appearance just the same as women. In fact, their hair is commonly the piece that gives them the most confidence. 

For years, men have answered the wishes of their ladies and contributed to the growth of her beauty cabinet, but in 2020, it's time to return the favor. 

For the men with picture-perfect hair and the ones who are looking for a way to preserve what's left of their locks, we've got your guide to the best styling gifts this holiday season. Follow along for 10 of the top men's hair products he'll love finding in his stocking.

1. Hair Masks

That's right; he needs a little mask action in his life too. His busy life can take a toll on the condition of his hair. A deep conditioning hair mask is the perfect treatment to replenish moisture and restore shine. 

After shampooing, he can slather on a refreshing hair mask and wash away in just 5 minutes. He'll love products such as the MorrocanOil Restorative Hair Mask for the soft locks they leave behind without robbing him of his masculine edge. 

If he's got dry, dead, or even frizzy hair, a little moisture will do him well. Deliver him with a little moisture rehab and enjoy that finger-brushing worthy do. 

2. Pomade

This styling formula has become a hit for men everywhere. Strong-hold and medium to high shine will have him crushing the day without having to worry about his hair. 

Uplift pomade even has lime and peppermint infused into the product for extra benefits. Lime will help decrease dandruff and restore that natural shine while promoting hair growth and peppermint provided an anti-inflammatory advantage that will prevent hair loss.

He'll be able to rock his fresh style while ensuring those handsome locks aren't going anywhere fast. 

3. Wax

That's right, wax is still around and holding men together. Using wax is perfect for smoothing out that alfalfa that can't be tamed. It'll provide a tough hold for shorter styles and is a great finisher for medium to longer cuts. 

Medium shine will provide him with a fly-away-free and smooth overall look.

4. Hair Serum

Moisture to the rescue. For curly or straight, a serum is a great option to rejuvenate hair and keep those natural oils where they belong. 

Things like shampoo and sun exposure can dry out his strands and leave them brittle and straw-like. Give him the gift of shinier, healthier locks in 2020. Most of these serums are infused with oils that improve hair condition and encourage stronger growth.

5. Styling Compound

Similar to a pomade but with a twist. The Uplift Styling Compound has an added secret ingredient: Kaolin clay.

The clay does double time to style and cleanse his hair and scalp without drying them out. It promotes hair growth and improves elasticity for stronger, more flexible strands. 

He'll achieve a matte finish with higher pliability so he can do that irresistible 'running hands through hair' move he picked up from the movies. What's more, this product will banish dandruff so he can brush away with confidence.

6. Styling Cream

Cream is the answer for styling that requires a lighter approach than pomade or wax. Styling cream is often used as a base for layering other products but works great on its own, especially for dry or frizzy hair. 

For curly-haired men, the moisturizing product will work to define curls and hold them together, preventing an accidental afro from popping up mid-day. 

Work through for a medium level of hold with low-shine.

7. Salt Spray

Beachy hair looks just as good on him as it does on her. Bring that effortless-looking surfer style into his life with a salt spray product. 

He can spray this ocean-in-a-bottle onto dry or damp hair. The salt will work to absorb any grease that has built up and provide the texture that a day at the beach gives. 

Perfect for medium to longer styles to achieve that vacation dream-boat hair the women swoon for. 

8. Gel

The buildable, spreadable classic. If he needs hair that stays put no matter what, gel is his product. 

This styling tool is in a liquid state that dries to a solid, shiny finish. If he needs a touch-up, he can simply wet his hands and return the gel to its liquid form for re-styling. 

9. Texture Dust

Dry-shampoo, but for him! Great for any hair type to give a bit of volume and freshen up after a long day or a sweaty workout. 

Our Uplift Texture Dust comes in a spray format so he can pump right onto his roots and give them a lift. If he's in need of a little extra, he can use a hair drier to amp up his style and give a little more height. 

He'll have clean feeling locks with a less itchy scalp and improved circulation to boot - the perfect combination of reduced hair loss and fuller-looking volume.

10. Hairspray

Finally, he can stop stealing your hairspray and get a manly mist of his own. Hairspray is the perfect finisher to keep his style in place long after he's left the mirror. 

There are many different finishes for men's hairspray, so be sure to select the one that's right for him. If he's got oily or thinning hair go for a volume product with a matte finish. For those slick-loving men, accentuate his look with a shine-adding formula. 

Ace It With Hair Products

Give the gift of better hair this Christmas with these 10 great hair products for men. From fuller looking hair to that 'I woke up this way' style, he'll love his new hair helpers and confidence-boosters. 

Want to get him the best products for his 2020 wishes? Shop our selection today and have him looking and feeling great this holiday season.