Texture Dust Styling Guide

Getting rid of lifeless or flat hair has never been easier because Uplift Provisions Company now offers Texture Dust which will add both volume and texture to your hair, irrespective of the type you have. It comes with a pump-spray that is simple to use. 

Style Your Hair with Our Texture Dust Styling Guide

Hair powder is also referred to as mattifying or texturizing powder and is designed to add texture and volume to hair. Visually it resembles baby powder but is sold in miniature shaker bottles. Some brands also use particles such as rice or silica silylate to produce a matte texture by boosting friction among hair strands. 

While many people enjoy using pomade for their hair, a lot of guys switch to mattifying style hair powders when the weather turns humid and hot during summer because of the numerous advantages these powders provide. Some products also include kaolin clay which will absorb both oil and moisture, increasing the volume further.

Our Texture Dust is unique as it adds texture and volume to hair. Our texturing dust is designed to absorb oil which will make your hair feel cleaner, but it also has antimicrobial properties which eliminate dryness and itching. It also boosts circulation which is a necessity for promoting hair growth while minimizing the likelihood of hair loss.

To use our Texture Dust effectively, apply a small amount to the roots of dry hair. For a stronger hold and even more volume, apply the powder to the roots of damp hair and apply heat from a blow dryer. Adding it to hair that is wet or damp without the use of a blow dryer can lead to a flour-bombed look. Additionally, only small amounts are needed to get the look you want. To use it, you’ll want to:

  • Add it to your hair roots for immediately lift as well as oil absorption
  • Spray it all over your head to obtain a general volume and texture
  • Use it rather than pomade to produce a pieced effect such as a spiked, shaggy, or cropped look
  • You can combine it with other hair products such as texturizing or volume sprays to achieve additional choppiness

Before applying Texture Dust to your hair, be sure to shake it thoroughly, aim its pump at the root, then spray until the preferred amount has been added. Using it with your blow dryer will produce an even greater volume.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

Our Texture Dust is the product of choice for those that need a fast touch-up after spending a hard day at work, in school, or at the gym. It provides a soothing feeling that is almost too sensational to describe in words. In addition to adding texture and volume, it will absorb sweat and oil to make your scalp and hair feel renewed and invigorated as if you just hopped out of the shower. The peppermint produces a delightful scent and it doesn’t make a mess when you wash it. The products we sell are the culmination of years of extensive research and experimentation. Each ingredient is meticulously tested and selected to produce an end product that is unlike anything else on the market!

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