Pomade Styling Guide

Using pomade may appear straightforward at first, but the best results come from following a specific order and knowing the fundamentals of hair products along with a bit of physics. 

Style Your Hair with Our Pomade Styling Guide

To apply our Signature Pomade, you’ll want to:

  • Select your shine:  A lot of men these days are going for light to moderate slickness because it adds texture and definition to their hair. You don’t want your hair to be super slick, and our pomade provides just the look you want without cementing your hair in position like other products.
  • Towel dry hair then leave it a bit wet: With few exceptions, pomade works best when placed on hair that has been towel dried. The reason for this is because pomade is water activated, which makes it distinct from fibers or waxes which are dry application. So after taking a shower and drying your hair almost completely, you will apply the pomade, but you do want a bit of dampness to get the best results.
  • Emulsify a little within your hands: If you have hair that is sufficiently long enough to comb, you’ll want to begin with a small amount, say pinky finger-sized. Warm up the substance by rubbing your fingers together within a counter circular movement and then add.
  • Target your roots initially: This is where physics comes in. Targeting your roots initially is essential because your hair shaft is the region where you will take complete control over the style. You’ll want to apply the product to your hair’s base then massage it inside.
  • Provide the 360 application: Now you’ll want to work your way upward from the base. You’ll warm up the additional product using your fingertips as previously described, then apply by running them and your palms through your hair, gathering more product then spreading it out in a uniform way.
  • Comb it: Now you’ll want to finish distributing the product within your hair. The majority of the pomade will stay within the base, but you’ll want to comb the excess through every strand as this will give you greater control over your look while ensuring your grip and shine are uniform.
  • Blow or air dry: You’ll now need to decide if you wish to lock your style in using the hairdryer. The advantage of using a dryer is that it will boost the hold’s longevity while giving it a lift. However, those that want extra texture and buoyancy can blow dry and then use a comb to retain the look.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

Our pomade consists of ingredients such as peppermint and lime oil which provides a wonderful and energizing scent. It is water soluble, carefully sourced, and designed to wash out without making a mess. We chose lime oil because of its ability to eliminate dandruff while increasing your hair’s natural shine and promoting its growth. Lime oil will also open up your hair cuticles to produce a fuller appearance. Peppermint oil is prized for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial attributes and plays an essential role in the prevention of hair loss.

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