Kaolin Clay

Here at Uplift Provisions Company, we provide you with a wide range of hairstyling products so that you can look your best. Increase your attractiveness using our line of hairstyling products today. We started out by mixing some simple and clean ingredients together to create our first product. One of the natural ingredients we use in our products is Kaolin Clay. 

About Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay is a soft clay that has been used in China for centuries. It is used widely in toothpaste, skincare products, and hair products. Kaolin Clay has been used to help cleanse and calm the scalp, smooth damaged hair, and balance oil production. It has a lightweight and powdery texture so it is easy to mix or you can use it on its own as a dry shampoo. With its absorbent qualities, it soaks up excess oil without affecting your scalp.  

Here are some of the hair care benefits of Kaolin Clay: 

  • Cleanses and exfoliates the scalp. It can be used on the scalp to remove the build-up left behind by other daily hair care products. 
  • Great pH balance. Having excess products, waxes, silicones, oil, and chemicals such as hair dye and relaxers can change the pH of your scalp and hair. Thankfully, Kaolin Clay can balance and strengthen your hair. 
  • Change hair texture. If you have tightly wound hair and you want to loosen up your curls without using harsh relaxers, Kaolin Clay is a good option. One benefit of Kaolin Clay is that you can change your hair texture easily. 
  • Absorbs oil. Kaolin Clay is used to absorb excess oil and provide more volume and fullness to the hair. 
  • Detoxifies. If your hair and scalp need a deeper cleanse than regular shampoo, you can add Kaolin Clay to your routine. It is rich in minerals and nutrients and provides you with gentle cleansing and exfoliating actions. 

Popular Hairstyling Products with Kaolin Clay

  • Styling Compound
  • Our popular hairstyling products include the Styling Compound. It is made out of the same formula as the Signature Pomade, but with Kaolin Clay and beeswax for a more matte finish and increased pliability. It is ideal for people who like to run their hands through their hair and change up their hairstyle during the day. It also gently cleanses your scalp and nourishes your hair for added elasticity. 

    This product is infused with our signature peppermint-lime scent that is both refreshing and light. It is made with consciously sourced ingredients and is 100% cruelty-free. It is also water-soluble which allows for easy cleaning and washing of your hair.

    The key ingredient of the Styling Compound is Kaolin Clay. It is the gentlest clay available for your hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair without over-drying it. Kaolin Clay also nourishes the hair for added elasticity. 

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