Why You Should Use Water- Based Pomade

Water- based pomades have become really popular these days. In fact, you can find them in any barbershop or even online. However, many people still don't know why they should use water based pomade instead of the traditional grease or wax-based ones. So if you are one of those people who want to know more about water-based pomade, then read on!

They Produce A Strong Hold

Water-based pomade is a great choice for those who want to achieve a strong hold but don't want the stiff feeling many waxes and gels provide. Water-based pomades are so effective at holding your hair in place because they contain ingredients that can absorb into your hair, helping it stay together and preventing it from becoming damaged by the product. This makes them more popular among men with thick and curly hair and those who prefer a natural look. Water-based styling products also do not dry out like other types of waxes or gels over time, reducing damage caused by repeated use on thicker strands of hair!

If you're worried about white flaking occurring after using one, like when you use a hair gel,  don't fret. That's pretty much guaranteed NOT to happen!  Hair gels typically do not mix well with other water-based products you may use on your hair such as your favorite conditioner or other pre-styling product. This can prevent the hair gel from binding to your hair and cause it to flake off. Oftentimes, hair gels also contain harsh and drying alcohols which can strip your hair and scalp of moisture and result in white flakes as well.  Water-based pomades are more forgiving and work well with other styling and hair care products. Additionally, a majority of water-based pomades do not contain alcohols that can dry out your hair. In other words: no worries!

Doesn't Clump up

Water- based pomades are different from oil and wax pomades because they don't form clumps. This is because water-based products contain no oils or waxes and instead rely on glycerin as their main ingredient. Glycerin is a by-product of soap making, so it's something that has been used for centuries to create products like hair gel and conditioner. It's also used in foods such as ice cream and pastries.

Because of the way that water-based pomades work, you have more versatility when using them. You can apply it to wet or dry hair, giving you more control over how much product you use without worrying about unwanted clumping happening later on down the line!

They Easily Wash Out 

We've all been there. You spend hours preparing your hair for the day, only to realize that your pomade has turned into a sticky mess by lunchtime. If this sounds familiar, it's because most modern pomades are oil-based and require a little more care during removal. Not so with water-based pomades!

This product is much easier to wash out than its oil-based counterpart, meaning less time spent cleaning up after yourself in the shower or sink. No need for shampoo or conditioner! Water will do just fine—and no comb required either!

Better For Fine Hair

Water- based pomade is great for fine hair because it's less likely to weigh your hair down, making it look greasy, dirty, or flat. Water-based pomades also tend to be lighter in color, so they won't make your hair look darker (which can happen with oil-based pomades). 

They're Easy To Apply 

Unlike petroleum-based pomades, water-based pomades don't require you to use your hands to apply them. You can use your fingers, comb, or a hair dryer if you have one handy. This makes it much easier to apply and get an even finish on your hair with less mess.

They're Shiny And Slick

If you're into the shiny and slick look, water-based pomade can give you that. Water is a liquid, so it slides on smoothly without much resistance from your hair. The viscosity of water is very similar to the viscosity of hair gel or waxes—meaning they're all slippery! Just apply your water-based pomade to damp hair to increase the shine and hold. The wetter the hair, the more your pomade will shine and hold. 

However, keep in mind that "shiny and slick" doesn't mean smooth like silk when it comes to water-based pomades. The texture will still be there but not as thick as other products would leave it looking (and feeling).