What Is Pomade? Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to men’s hairstyling products, hair pomade may be considered the most old-fashioned of them all. However, that cannot be further from the truth. Hair pomade serves a specific purpose, and that’s to allow you to achieve sleek hair that stays in place all day, making it suitable for the professional workplace. For some hairstyles, you’ll find that there’s a need for hair pomade in order for you to pull off the desired look. As such, we have provided all the information about hair pomade, from its history to the various types of hair pomade offered today.

What Exactly Is Pomade?

Well, pomade is a type of hair styling product and is typically suited for men. Most pomade is made out of lanolin, beeswax, or petroleum, which is what gives the product its greasy or waxy texture. If you want to achieve that healthy shine on your hair, while ensuring that your hairstyle stays intact all day at the same time, hair pomade is the way to go.

History of Hair Pomade

Even though hair pomade may seem like a novel innovation, it has actually been around for centuries. The word ‘pomade’ is derived from the French word for ointment, which was what it was initially intended for before becoming a popular product for hairstyling. Since then, pomade was made with a wide range of ingredients, from bear fat to lard.

Types of Hair Pomade

Over the years, pomades have undergone a few variations in order to achieve a particular hairstyle look. Listed below are the common types of hair pomades available and each one is targeted to a hairstyle you’re looking for:

  • Oil-Based Pomade

As the name suggests, oil-based pomade provides the highest shine for your hair due to its main ingredient - petroleum jelly. This type of pomade also works wonders in coating a protective barrier on your hair, reducing the appearance of split ends and locking in any moisture. As such, since oil functions as an occlusive, it does not hydrate the hair, so it’s important to apply any hydrating products before locking it with an oil-based pomade. With its high shine, this pomade is best suited for slick-back hairstyles.

  • Water-Based Pomade

If you dislike the stickiness that comes with oil-based pomade, you can go with a water-based one instead. Water-based pomade, unlike its oil counterpart, is much easier to remove in the shower, yet provides a strong hold on your hairstyle throughout the day. However, in terms of flexibility, you may find it difficult to comb your hair or ensure that your hair stays in place when applied with a water-based pomade. Therefore, for those who aren’t planning to go with overly elaborate hairstyles, such as comb-overs and quiffs, water-based pomade will work just fine.

  • Wax-Based Pomade

Wax-based pomades are arguably the most unique out of the bunch as they offer a matte finish and a medium hold on your hair. It’s understandable that not everyone will prefer a high shine appearance. If you’re someone who likes the casual or messy hair look, applying a wax-based pomade is the solution.

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