What Are The Different Types Of Hair Cutting Capes?

Hair cutting capes are an essential part of a hairstylist's arsenal  and they come in a variety of styles. Hair cutting capes are designed to protect your client's clothing from getting damaged by the hair being cut or colored. 

It's typically made of a fabric that allows easy movement, making it ideal for use in hair salons and barbershops. A cape covers the back but may also extend down the front to cover your client’s torso.And there are several types of capes that fulfill different needs, depending on what kind of salon or barbershop you work in.

In this article, we'll explain each type of cape and what makes them unique so that you can choose the best one for your salon or barbershop!

Smock Cape

A smock cape is a large fabric covering your client  and your hair cutting station. It can be worn in many different ways, depending on how you want to use it. Wearing the smock allows you to cut hair without getting any around your clothes and body. This is especially helpful during messy or wet cuts, such as shampoos with customers with long hair.

The Advantages Of Using A Smock Are Numerous:

  • They protect clothing from stains, especially from hair color and dyes;
  • They're easier to clean than other types of capes because they don't require special cleaning agents or treatments;
  • They're fairly inexpensive compared to other types of capes;

Shampoo Capes

Shampoo capes are heavy-duty cotton fabric clothes that protect your clothing from getting dirty. They also help protect your client's clothing and the shampoo bowl and shampooer's clothing. They are made of a thick cotton fabric that can withstand moisture and heat without getting damaged or dirty.

Hair Colorist Capes

Hair stylists and colorists use hair coloring capes to protect their clothes from the dye. They can be made of plastic or fabric, and some come in a variety of colors. Some capes have ties that fasten around the neck, while others have velcro closures at the back.

Apron Cape

An apron cape is a long, rectangular piece of fabric that covers you from the neck and shoulders down to just above your knees. It's generally tied at the waist with strings or ribbons. For example, this type of cape would be tied at the back like an apron, hence its name. This style allows for more freedom of movement than other types of capes because it doesn't wrap around your body; it just hangs from one shoulder or both shoulders (also known as a "flying cape").

An apron cape is generally used by hairdressers who cut hair in salons or barber shops—and sometimes even out on location such as on movie sets—and who want more coverage than what they would get from simply wearing their shirt over their pants while standing behind their chair.


If you're looking for some new hair cutting capes, we hope this article helped you find the perfect one for your salon. If you want more information about other types of capes, check out the site for the best caps for men and women and why it's important to have an adjustable cape that fits well.