Wet Shaving: Why It’s Better Than Dry Shaving

Depending on who you ask, every person has a strong opinion on wet shaving vs. dry shaving. This could be down to personal preference or just because of the way they were taught to shave. However, if you’ve ever wondered if wet or dry shaving is better or if you want to try wet shaving, these are the reasons you should make the switch to wet shaving!

Get a Cleaner Shave

Wet shaving means that you use products like shaving cream or a shaving gel (insert link on shaving gel as our product is a gel and not a cream) before you begin. Some people use hot water as well. These help to create a smoother shave by forming a protective layer that lubricates your skin. This makes the razor’s movement smoother and thus causing a cleaner shave. Wet hair is also easier to cut than dry hair. On the other hand, dry shaving can make it difficult for you to get a close shave due to the friction between the skin and the razor. For those who want a cleaner look, wet shaving is definitely the way to go. Furthermore, in the long run, wet shaving can also be more time-efficient and cost-saving. With a closer shave, you can go longer in-between shaves. Lesser shaving means lesser razor replacements as well.

Less Irritating to the Skin

As previously stated, wetting your skin helps to protect and lubricate it. This is important because when the skin is easier to shave, it reduces the chances of you accidentally nicking your skin. Furthermore, having lesser friction between your skin and the razor helps to prevent your razor from pulling on your skin. This will reduce skin irritation. It is important to avoid skin irritation when shaving. This is because irritated skin can cause ingrown hairs and acne. People with sensitive skin may also experience redness and pain.

Find Time to Relax

Wet shaving does take a longer time to complete than dry shaving. Time is spent placing products on your face before shaving and washing them off after shaving. By contrast, dry shaving only requires you to spend time shaving. However, the longer duration of a wet shave can be a good time to unwind and focus on yourself. You can take the time to reflect on your life or practice mindfulness. An interesting thing is that this may even turn the chore of shaving into an enjoyable activity.

It is Environmentally Friendly

Wet shaving reduces the impact that each shave has on the blades of your razor. This means that each razor can be used a greater number of times before needing to be replaced. When taking into account that wet shaving also reduces the number of shaves you require, this means that you can potentially save on many razor replacements in the long run. This is important because razors and their cartridges are massive contributions to landfills. Invest in soaps and creams that come in reusable containers to make your shaving even more environmentally friendly.

Wet shaving has been around since ancient Sumeria. What has contributed to its long-lasting use is its exceptional utility and enjoyability. Next time you need to shave, take a slightly longer time to savor a more relaxing and efficient shave.