Uplift Raises Money to Help Those Suffering from Addiction

September 04, 2019

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Over the past few months, Uplift Provisions Company has participated in several great events such as the Boston Tattoo Convention, the Connecticut Barber Expo, Barberrrsfest, and some family fun outdoor events like the Grand Opening of the Freerange Market in Boston. While each of these events has been unique and memorable, with lasting friendships created, the events of the past two weeks “takes the cake” for being closest to our hearts. Uplift Provisions Co., in collaboration with Evolve Salon Systems and Evolve Scissor Systems, hosted a ‘Surviving the Industry’ event at Over the Top Barbershop (@Overthetopbarbershop) in Stoneham, Massachusetts, also the home of Uplift Provisions Co. The event consisted of three hair-cutting competitions as well as individuals sharing personal experiences of addiction, and shedding light on mental health awareness. I led the event with a short meditation before the competitions commenced.

As any salon or barbershop owner or individual in the field can attest to, this industry offers many gifts; however, it is also a high demand profession. We cater to our clients, to our shop’s needs, as well as to our staff’s or co-worker’s needs. Oftentimes, we forget to take care of ourselves. A wise woman once told me, “when an airplane is going down and the oxygen falls from above, you need to put the mask on yourself so you can help the person next to you.”

We all have our own struggles. The key is to find balance in your life to get through it and to live a happy, healthy balance in life.

Through our event, ‘Surviving the Industry’, we were able to raise $1,000. Funds were allocated to the Observatory Sober Living, a structured sober living home in Haverhill, Massachusetts, where men can start to recover from their drug or alcohol dependency in a safe environment. The money also went to the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation which was founded to honor a successful Paul Mitchell School graduate whose struggle against metal illness ended tragically in suicide.

To support the event, we had barbers travel all the way from San Diego Jay Fata (@04kingjay) owner of @reverentindustries, @Rockyourbarber, Creator and Co-Founder of @Upliftprovisionsco & Co-owner of @Overthetopbarbershop, @Lizzthebarber the Co-owner of @Overthetopbarbershop. @J.Strives out of New York, @Sincerto out of Vermont, @Hatchet_the_barber out of Springfield. I also can’t forget @Bangbangbarbergang and @BadabingBarbershop978 bringing their entire shop. Congrats to @Mikedestef for taking 3rd place. Shout out to the boys from @prestigecuts, @Alexisomarcuts, @Looksbyluis, and @Leebarbero out of Brockton as well as @ArtyPaige out of Quincy and @Von.Kriegen.barber also out of Quincy. And to the many more, please forgive me if I missed any of you. Thank you tremendously to the @UpliftProvisionsco crew @Tiedye_thebarber of @Overthetopbarbershop, @Tylerrcarlson owner of @Havenbarberstudio out of Wilmington, Massachusetts and @NikoDenirohair owner of @Kasino.boston out of Burlington, Mass.

Uplift Provisions Co. believes in unifying and surviving this industry. Ultimately, we are all human and chasing the same thing. We look out for one another, we leave our egos at the door, we enjoy cutting hair, and we spread uplifting motivation to others by helping people grow inside and outside of the barbershops. Making someone smile and bringing light to their day is key to our day.

Rocco Danieli  

Creator, Barber, & Co-Founder of Uplift Provisions Company                                  

P: 888-766-2331 ext. 702                                                                                          

E: RoccoDanieli@UpliftProvisionsCo.com  

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