Uplift in La Jolla, California

            It was a wild weekend of models, makeup, stylists, barbers and multiple cameras snapping a million pictures. Last weekend, UPLIFT PROVISIONS CO rented a 7-bedroom mansion in La Jolla, California as the backdrop for our upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 marketing campaign. Co-founder + creator Rocco Danieli (Over-The-Top Barbershop, Stoneham, MA), master barber @tiedye_thebarber (Over-The-Top Barbershop, Stoneham, MA), and @christinaxclips of (The Palace Barbershop, (Troy, NY) flew in from Boston and Albany, NY respectively and was locally hosted by the legend himself, Jay Fata of Black Sheep Barber & Shave Parlor (San Marcos, CA). Also in attendance, were myself and fellow co-founder of Uplift, Kelly Presti.

            Day 1 – After flying cross-country, our UPLIFT team was treated to a true Sicilian feast including homemade chicken parmesan, sauce, and fresh pasta, specially cooked up by me (aka Chef Steve). As we ate, we discussed the upcoming agenda for the days ahead. Jay, having the most experience, took the lead and laid out a great plan for all of us to execute. We talked about flow, expectations, styling of the models for the shoot, wardrobe, and more. After a long day of exhausting travel, our bellies full with good grub and some great discussions, we all crashed for a much-needed good night sleep. 

Uplift in La

            Day 2 – A very insane and hectic day started out with some old school percolated coffee (just like mama used to make it) and an amazing breakfast burrito cooked up by me/Chef Steve. Shortly thereafter, our SEXY models started to arrive and it was game on. We got them situated, explained our overall desired look and style, planned wardrobe changes, shooting locations, and then everyone - models, stylists, make-up artists and barbers all got to work. All of our models got their hair cut and styled with nothing but Uplift’s Provisions Company’s hair products. Our STYLING COMPOUND, SIGNATURE POMADE, and our TEXTURE DUST were all utilized to gain maximum TEXTURE, VOLUME, and LIFT for our models’ hair. No other products such as finishing hairspray were used in the shoot. The immediate reaction from the models was a feeling of FRESHNESS from the ENERGIZING PEPPERMINT + LIME scented products. Their textured hair photographed amazingly well as we took millions of pictures (exaggerated).

Jay Fata, our lead photographer, was in search of the perfect image. Light, ambiance, and location all contributed to the quest. I followed Jay’s lead with additional cameras to capture live video footage, additional photo-journalistic stills, and some epic imagery captured by a drone. The day was a huge success resulting in many amazing shots for our upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 marketing campaign.

Uplift in La,jolla

Day 3 – After a quick Lyft ride, we arrived at our destination for the day – the Black Sheep Barber & Shave Parlor in San Marcos, California to obtain some in-salon + barbershop footage. We had four additional models lined up and ready to roll with haircuts and styling… again, styled with nothing but our UPLIFT styling products. While we captured lots of fabulous images and video; the best aspect of it all, was our models became new fans of our products. One raved about the FRESH SCENT and CLEAN FEELING. Another loved the easy-to-use pump sprayer of our Texture Dust and the TEXTURED, pliable look it provides. While another model mentioned how he loved that our Signature Pomade was WATER-BASED and didn’t leave a greasy, sticky feeling on his scalp like his oil-based version. Our Signature Pomade gave great definition to his curls and is perfect for use on all hair types.    

Barber and Hair stylists

 All in all, the weekend was a huge success. Be on the look-out in January 2020 for the launch of our new Spring/Summer campaign.

Barbers and hair stylists alike are retailing this product across the country. The UPLIFT movement is growing. As a company, we are about uplifting your hair to new heights and uplifting your spirit.

            As our UPLIFT TEAM is growing, we are all excited to bring you the best hair products we possibly can. We not only love providing you with our amazing products, but feel enriched when you use them and fall in love with them yourself.

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