Understanding The Different Types Of Hair Texture

With the emergence of different hairstyling products for men, one should be able to distinguish which of these products is most needed by their locks. How will you be able to do that? It is as easy as understanding the different types of hair texture out there. Once you have done that, you are well on your way to getting amazing hair.

Straight Hair

Usually soft and silky, straight hair has elevated amount of oil secretion too. Many adore having one for the fact that they are easy to style. In fact, you may just leave it to air dry and comb it then you are good to go. You can simply wash it once a day, then spray some sea salt spray for that added volume or texture. 

There are issues with this hair texture type too, though. One is the fact that it can look limp and flat, that is why sea salt spray use is recommended. It also easily shows up some hair thinning and balding signs once you get older. If your hair easily gets oily, then that also means that it is prone to dandruff. Those white flakes easily show up on the surface.

Curly Hair

Having curly hair, when you are a child, is something you might be shy about. This is because many kids in school may tease you for it. Once you grow up, you will be able to appreciate this hair texture type more than you did in the past. Imagine those enviable, thick locks you have.

With that result, the secret to getting the momentum of being praised with your locks lies on how you actually take care of it. You need a leave-in conditioner to keep the hair nourished and moisturized. Your strands tend to be thirstier than other hair types. Use a nourishing cream and apply it while your hair is wet. Air drying is not recommended if you have curly hair as it can be a cause of damage.

Wavy Hair

Having wavy hair is one of the best blessings you will ever have. This is because it does not require as much maintenance as having curly hair does. Like other hair textures, however, it also needs some tender loving care, so that you will keep the waves looking more natural. 

Get a textured haircut to enhance thickness and volume. You must also use a pomade for hair styling, and when you do, you will enjoy sexy hair all day long. Have a moisturizing shampoo in handy, preferably one that contains jojoba or argan oil. Pair that with a light conditioner that is sure to keep your strands full and lively.

Coily Hair

Growing a helix shape, this one is an extreme version of curly hair. They are tightly coiled, and will definitely get a lot of help from products that will keep them moisturized. It is more prone to breakage and frizz; thus, it needs extra attention. When using a blow dryer, make sure to use a diffuser attachment to keep frizz at bay. It helps to have deep-conditioning hair products too, preferably those that do not contain sulfates in them.

As you have seen, understanding the different hair textures comes with tips on how to take care of them. Take note of the things we have mentioned to enjoy your locks, no matter what type you have.