Shaving Gel Vs. Cream: Which To Choose?

Any good shaving routine features a shaving cream or shaving gel. This is the product you apply when you’re shaving your face. Whether it’s dermatologists or even hairstylists, they would always recommend using shaving gels or creams as you shave your facial hairs. The reason is that shaving gels or creams help soften and lubricate the hairs, making it much easier for the blade to glide along the skin and shaving off the hairs. While the importance of these shaving products is acknowledged, many people may find themselves overwhelmed in deciding which one to go with. As such, here are the main differences between shaving gel vs. cream.

Why You Should Avoid Shaving Foams

Other than shaving gels and creams, there’s another alternative that’s foam-based. However, we advise against using shaving foams as they tend to dry out the skin and do not offer many barriers between the skin and the blade. In addition, since shaving foams have much air in the product, this causes them to absorb any impact extremely poorly and unable to hold up the facial hairs for a long time. As such, you’re essentially shaving your face dry when you’re using shaving foam. The only probable reason people may get their hands on shaving foams is that they’re relatively convenient to use and easily dispensable at the squeeze of a nozzle. Regardless, for the sake of your skin’s health over time, it’s alright to spend a little more time on your grooming needs with either shaving gels or shaving creams.

Characteristics of Shaving Gels

What makes shaving gels so good to work with is that it’s extremely easy to use. All you have to do is apply it to your face and you’re done. There’s no need to work up to a lather, so if you’re on a time crunch, we recommend opting for shaving gels. Another benefit of shaving gels is that they’re suitable for people with sensitive spots around their face or who are attempting to shave for the first time. Since shaving gels are clear, they allow the user to see exactly where the razor is and achieve clean lines.

Some people may complain of shaving gels clogging up the pores, though that would not be the case for good-quality shaving gels like Uplift Provisions Company’s Clear Shave Gel. This product is water-based, so it not only hydrates the skin, but it also won’t exaggerate the appearance of pores and contribute to sebum buildup on the face. In addition, a water-based gel is much easier to get off from the blade. If you’re planning to travel, there’s also the travel-sized Clear Shave Gel.

Characteristics of Shaving Creams

On the other hand, shaving creams take a much longer time to lather up and apply on the face, though they do have their perks by offering a better and cleaner shave. Due to their high density, shaving creams do an excellent job of holding up the facial hairs and softening them for a deeper shave. However, for shaving creams, we recommend purchasing a separate shaving brush, which helps to lather up the product quicker and provides a stronger barrier between the skin and blade.