Pomade Vs. Wax: Which Is Better For Your Hair?

In the world of hairstyling products for men, you will come across different types. There are those that bring the texture that your hair needs. Others combine shine with texture too. The battle between pomade vs. wax continues, most especially because they are often considered the same thing by some men out there. Actually, they are different from each other. On this page, you will get to know the difference while also realizing which one is better for your hair.

What is a Pomade?

A pomade is a hairstyling product that gives your hair that luster and shine that you have always wanted. Oil-based versions tend to make your hair a bit greasy for days, but they are best suited for men who have dry hair. There are also easy-to-apply and rinse versions in the water-based pomades. 

What are The Ingredients in a Pomade?

Pomade contains a variety of ingredients like wax, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil. These ingredients provide the nourishment and moisturization that the hair needs on a daily basis. Since they contain beeswax as one of their ingredients, there are companies out there that are actually selling hair wax but are marketing their products under pomade. 

What About Hair Wax?

Wax is actually the hair product that you need if you are after keeping or holding your hairstyle for a long time. It provides a better hold when compared to the pomade, but that does not mean that the pomade won't be able to do so. It is perfect for men who have oily hair, who do not want to get additional grease from a pomade. 

One thing that you would not want with a wax is the fact that they do not easily get distributed in the hair. You need to warm up a portion of the product you have scooped in between the palm of your hands, before application. That said, it has the tendency to dry out the hair hours after you have applied it. 

So, Which One is Better for Your Hair?

Both products have their pros and cons, we are wrapping them down below as follows:

  • Hair wax has the tendency to dehydrate the hair, while pomade makes your hair healthy-looking because of its oil content.
  • Wax provides a hold that is better than the pomade, thus they are ideal if you want spikes as a hairstyle. Go for a pomade if you just want to hold your hair flat, making it ideal for men who go to the office.
  • You will need washers and degreasers to get rid of oil-based pomade from your hair. It is good that water-based versions are now available, which wash off the same way as wax does.

The Final Verdict

It really depends on your style, and how you want your hair to look after. If rinsing off the grease does not matter to you, then the pomade is a good choice. After all, it gives you that glossy shine. If you want one that holds more and you want to achieve that look for a party, you will never go wrong choosing the wax. Make your judgment based on your convenience and the way you want to maintain your hair's health.