Men's Hair Color Trends for 2021

Sales of popular men’s off-the-shelf hair dye earned the American companies that make them over $189 million in 2020 alone. Men, it seems, are finally embracing the transformative power of coloring one’s hair.

Not ready for tattoos or piercings? Dyeing your hair a standout color can help you add some much-needed edge.

Love your natural hair color, but hoping to disguise (or even better, enhance) those straggly greys? You guessed it! Dyeing could be the grooming hack you’re seeking.

Weighing up whether or not hair dye is for you? This handy guide to the most popular men's hair color trends for 2021 is sure to inspire!

Is It Safe to Dye Your Hair?

Today’s hair dye formulations are generally considered safe. The FDA heavily regulates the ingredients that go into hair dyes and related products. There’s not enough evidence to prove that hair dyes cause serious illness, outside of allergic reactions in a few people.

That being said, it’s advisable to color your hair at a salon or barbershop. Your stylist will wear gloves and even a mask, and they’ll make sure as little product as possible gets on your skin.

Not only is coloring men's hair safe, but spending all that dosh on dyeing means you’re likely to take better care of your luscious locks. Hair dyeing tends to dry hair out. Be sure to choose routines, techniques, and products that nurture your hair–from high-quality combs and brushes to natural styling products for men.

The Year Ahead: Men's Hair Color Trends Explained

In ancient times, people colored their hair with everything from henna and charred eggs to leeks and even gold flakes. Thankfully, today, we have salons full of trained professionals and FDA-approved colorants to turn to.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, natural tones are set to be the most popular hair for men in 2021. But natural doesn’t mean boring. Instead, professional hairdressers work with their clients to determine their natural hair color and then add complementary highlights in copper, gold, or blonde.

Not only do these subtle changes enhance facial features and skin tone, but they also add a much-needed dimension to thin or flat hair. Best of all, this type of dye job suits almost any hairstyle, and your stylist can coordinate it with facial hair colors for those sporting a burly beard or marvelous mo.

Ash and Smoky Grey

Are you a white tee and blue jeans kind of guy? Ash or smoky grey is the perfect hair color for you. This striking do hints at your up-to-the-minute style sense, even if you prefer to keep it casual in the clothing department.

It’s a technical challenge to get this color just right, and it doesn’t suit everyone. Look around for examples online and bring them to the appointment with your barber or stylist. Let them tell you which shade and style will best suit your features. It’s a rugged look, so it’s best paired with an all-day five o’clock shadow.

Color Melt

Love your length? Make the most out of them with a color melt in orange, black, blonde, or even violet shades. Like a balayage, all the rage with the ladies right now, color melting gives a more subtle ombre effect.

Once you’ve chosen the dye color you prefer, your stylist will choose two to three shades that work with your natural hair. They will work them in as highlights, so you won’t see where your natural hair ends, and the dyed hair begins. This “melted” look is what gives this trending technique its name.

Orange, Peach, and Pink

Just like the TV show, it seems orange is the new black for hair in 2021. Though not because of the color of the infamous jailhouse jumpsuits.

Instead, this trend has been popularized by male K-Pop idols and Western celebrities like Ricky Martin and Cruz Beckham. Are you worried about whether or not you’ll like this dramatic hair trend once it’s actually on your head?

Ask your stylist to use a semi-permanent dye. It will rinse right out after around eight washes. Or test it out at home first with a temporary, wash-out hair dye.

Platinum Waves

Keen to emulate the Beib’s signature platinum mane? Or perhaps you want a more Lord of the Rings Elven look. Whichever style you’re trying to emulate, dying your hair a bright, light blonde will draw attention.

Top stylists always advise getting your hair dyed platinum at a salon. Attempt a home job, and you’re set to end up with brassy orange rather than icy blonde locks.

Platinum hair color suits most hairstyles, from short back and sides to a pompadour or man bun. Disguise thinning hair with a cut that’s light blonde and trimmed close to the scalp.

Washing and Drying Dyed Hair

Once your hair is dyed, you’ll need to retouch the roots every four to six weeks. It’s essential to take care of your hair to keep the color fresher for longer.

The rules for washing and drying colored hair are simple, but they’re easy to get wrong for those not familiar with them. 

Some healthy hair cleaning tips to keep in mind include:

  • Don’t wash your hair every day
  • Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type
  • Use a dime-sized amount of hair washing product
  • Leave your conditioner in for a few minutes
  • Use warm to cool water when washing your hair
  • Scrub your scalp with your fingertips

Whether air drying or blow-drying your hair, rub gently with a microfibre towel to remove excess water and protect your hair with a high-quality styling compound.

Upgrade Your Hair Care Knowledge

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the latest men's hair color trends, you can move onto other essential hair care concerns. Learn how to style men's hair or how to use pomade to make the most of your covetable colored curls or your adroitly dyed dreads.

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