How To Use Texture Powder For Your Hair

Texture powder for hair is a must-have in your beauty bag, whether you're looking to add volume to your hair or want to create that messy bedhead look. From the Kardashians to A-listers like Emma Roberts, texture powder has become a staple product for those who want to achieve a high-impact look—but how exactly do you use it? We've rounded up a few ways for you to incorporate texture powder into your routine and created an easy tutorial that will teach you how to use texture powder:

What Is Texture Powder?

Texture powder is a styling product that adds volume to hair. It's made of cornstarch, but you don't need to worry about the powder sticking to your hands or face—it's formulated with waxes and oils that make it slippery enough to apply easily but also give it enough hold so that once you do use it, it stays put.

This easy-to-use product comes in different textures and colors depending on how much hold you want; some types of texture powder offer more hold than others, while others are more lightweight and airier. The most common uses include adding volume at the root (you can brush this through your roots after blow-drying) or applying it all over your head before curling (especially if you don't want any curls).

Does Texture Powder Work On All Hair Types?

Texture powder works on all hair types. The amount of texture powder you will use will vary depending on your hair type and the desired look you are going for. Texture powder is not a hair dye, so it won't permanently alter your hair color.

Texture powder can also be used on natural, relaxed, and color-treated hair. However, some people may find that they need to use more or less texture powder depending on what kind of curls they have (example: tightly curled or loose).

How Do You Apply Texture Powder Properly?

To use texture powder properly, you'll need to start by applying it to your hair. This can be done by simply spraying the texture powder into your hands and then rubbing them together so that there's enough product on both hands to distribute throughout your hair evenly.

Next, you'll want to blow dry your hair until it's scorched. Once this has been done, use a flat iron on low heat to straighten any parts of your hair that remain curly or wavy after you've finished drying it off with a blow dryer.

Lastly, spray in some hairspray for good measure—this will help set the style so that it lasts all day long!

Benefits Of Texture Powder

  • Natural: If you want smooth and natural-looking hair, this product will give it to you. It won't make your locks appear greasy, but the extra volume of this product will enhance them.
  • Dramatic: If you want an edgy punk rock look, then texture powder is perfect for creating this style! The messy waves created by the product will turn heads wherever you go!
  • Polished: Texture powder also works well if you're trying to create something more polished than just messy waves or curls—it can give some added body while maintaining definition simultaneously!


Texture powder is a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. It is also elementary to use and super affordable! Just make sure you use it sparingly so that your hair doesn't become weighed down or greasy.