How to Use and Apply Hair Pomade

Are you a man or woman who likes taking care of their locks? Do you know how to use and apply hair pomade? Read on to learn more...


The global haircare market is expected to reach a staggering $113 billion by 2028. Haircare products are a big part of this number, for both men and women. 

Having lush, healthy hair is the goal of many people and the right products play a role in achieving it. Of course, shampoo and conditioner are the most common hair care products, but pomade has some great benefits. 

Hair pomade comes in a variety of forms, making it easy to find one suited to your locks. It's ideal for achieving a wide range of hairstyles and works with those for both males and females.  

What is Hair Pomade?

Pomade is a hairstyling product that helps you get volume and texture in your hair. This results in a better hold for many hairstyles. 

When you think of hair pomade, you may think of the greasy products of yesteryear. The pomades of today are better at providing hold and won't make your hair look oily. 

Though formulations have changed over the years, pomade is still used by many to achieve a healthy shine in the hair. This is in combination with the hold you desire from a styling product. 

You will find hair pomade for men and hair pomade for women, but the end result is the same - lustrous shine and plenty of holding power.

Hair pomade is sold in most supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty shops. Many hairstylists sell pomade in their salon, so you have lots of options for finding one that works for you. 

How to Apply Pomade

To get the most out of your product, applying hair pomade correctly comes in handy. Fortunately, it's not a difficult thing to learn. 

Pomade is best applied to damp hair. If you aren't washing your hair, get it wet and towel dry it before putting it in the pomade. Pomade is activated by water, but you don't want your hair to be dripping wet. Damp is best. 

Place a small amount of the pomade into your hand and emulsify it a bit. This warms the product, making it easier to apply evenly. 

Starting at the roots of your hair, work the product through. You need more product at the base of your roots than you do on the ends. Make sure you aren't using so much that your hair is weighed down and flat. 

Work the pomade through your hair. For shorter hair, apply pomade from root to tip. For longer strands, work the pomade through the tops and sides for the best hold. 

Next, comb the pomade through your hair for even styling. You can finish by blow-drying your hair but allowing it to air dry works well too. 

Choosing the Right Pomade

Part of getting the most out of your pomade is choosing the right one. With so many options, this can feel a bit overwhelming. 

Your first step is to choose the shine and hold levels that are best suited to your hair. Someone with fine hair won't need as much hold as someone who is looking for pomade for curly hair, for example. 

Your options range from matte to high shine and low hold to high hold. This information can usually be found on the package. If you want something that doesn't look oily, a matte level is your best choice. 

If you have wayward chunks of hair or you want to try something that doesn't usually work with your hair's texture, choose something with a higher hold. Thicker hair will need more hold than thinner hair, so keep that in mind too.

Another thing to consider when choosing pomade is the ingredients. Oil-based pomade is a traditional choice that offers high levels of shine. However, it's not as easy to wash out so make sure you have the right shampoo for the job.

Water-based pomades cost more than oil-based versions but are easier to remove. You can still get the hold you want without having to sacrifice shine.

You may need to experiment a bit to find the product that works best for your hair. Talk to your hairstylist to find out what pomades he or she would recommend. This gives you a good starting point. 

What Styles to Use Pomade For

The great thing about most pomades is that you can use them for just about any style. That's because they work to add texture and dimension to your hair. 

Men often use pomade to spike their hair or to hold a combed style in place. Women love using it to add lift to their roots so they can get buns, ponytails, and other styles that have volume.

The trick is to experiment a bit to find what works best for your hair. Do this when you don't have to be anywhere. That way, if you don't like the end result, you aren't stuck with at a social event. 

If you're still unsure how to proceed, your hairstylist can give you some tips and tricks. 

Adding Pomade to Your Routine

Now that you know how great hair pomade is and how easy it is to use, chances are you're excited to give it a try.

Pomade is an easy way to get your hair to stay in place, while also giving it the healthy sheen and lustrous glow you want. 

Check out our signature products and get ready to have the best hair you've ever had. We can't wait to help you look and feel your best.