How To Have Better Hairstyle: 4 Tips For Men

Let’s be honest. One of the very first things about our appearance that people would notice is our hair. If our hair is unkempt and there are many flyaway hairs sticking out, our entire appearance will look untidy and even unprofessional in the workplace. Therefore, in order to maintain a well-groomed appearance and impress people, we have to make sure our hairstyles stay in place throughout the day, if possible. While the hair can seem challenging to manage, it actually is not and there are effective ways to have better hairstyle.

Apply a Pomade

We get it. It can be difficult for hairstyles to stay the same way and shape as the day progresses. Due to environmental conditions like rain or wind and even humidity, our hairstyles tend to lose their hold around mid-day. In such cases, there’s a way to ensure a long-lasting hairstyle. Introducing a hair pomade, that’s usually formulated as an oil-based, water-based, or wax-based product. When applied to the hair, a hair pomade helps you to achieve a clean and sleek look that shines.

While the different types of hair pomades offer different hair textures and styles, there are some products that are hybrid and incredibly versatile. For example, the Uplift Provisions Company’s Signature Pomade allows you to achieve two looks - greasy and matte. For a greasier appearance that mirrors the classic pomade look of the 60s, the product should be damp, whereas a drier texture leads to a more matte look and pliable hold. Regardless of which look you’re planning to go with, the Signature Pomade is also good for your hair as its lime oil helps to lessen dandruff and promote hair growth.

Apply Hair Clay

For a more casual and slick-back hairstyle, a hair clay would be a more suitable option. Unlike pomades, hair clay is more pliable in nature and offers a more matte finish. As its name suggests, the product is primarily made with clay, such as kaolin and bentonite, that allows you to rework your hairstyle throughout the day. Uplift Provisions Company’s Styling Compound is a good selection as its kaolin clay is probably one of the gentlest on the scalp, providing hydration while cleansing the scalp of any excess sebum and dirt at the same time.

Don’t Shampoo Everyday

Unless you’re living in a humid climate or have longer hair, we don’t recommend washing your hair every day. This is because hair washing can strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to more dehydrated hair, split ends, dull hair, and many more. These oils help to nourish our roots and protect our hair from any damage, essentially creating a healthier hair environment in the long run. As such, try to limit your hair washing to once every two to three days.

Trim Your Hair Occasionally

While it may sound contradictive, regularly visiting the barbers and getting a trim actually promotes hair growth. In some cases, split ends are inevitable and this causes your overall hair to look and feel brittle. By trimming them, you can detangle any knots on your hair and treat any hair breakage.