How To Find The Right Pomade For Your Curly Hair

Even if you love your curly hair and want to show it off, sometimes it can be challenging. The suitable pomade for curly hair can help tame frizz and keep your curls looking great all day long! So whether you have naturally curly hair or want to create the look with extensions, we've got some tips on choosing the best pomade for your individual needs.

Determine Your Hair Type

Before choosing the best pomade for your hair, you need to determine what kind of curl pattern you have. There are a few main types: wavy, curly, and kinky.

Wavy hair is similar to curly but tends to be less defined and more flexible due to less elasticity in each strand of hair. It also has fewer curls per inch than its curly counterpart because it's not as tightly coiled or springy when wet or dry (similarly, it won't hold a style as well). Curly hair, on the other hand, has tight coils that create bouncy curls when wet or dry! Finally, there are kinky curls that look more like corkscrews than anything else; these tend toward being tighter waves rather than loose ones like wavy/straight styles often exhibit​.

Understand The Different Types Of Pomades

There are three types of pomades: grease, water-based, and oil-based. Grease is a petroleum product that contains heavy oils and waxes, which are great for styling curly hair because they provide strength and help control frizz. Water-based pomades have water as their base and act like mousses when applied to your hands before applying to your hair. These are better than grease because they won't leave behind a waxy residue on your hands or in your hair—but they also don't do much for holding style unless you use them in conjunction with another product such as gel or hairspray. Oil-based products usually contain beeswax instead of petroleum jelly, so they don't leave behind any buildup—but this also requires washing off after every use!

Decide What Finish You Want

There are many different ways to finish your curls. Typically, pomades offer a wet look, but there are also options for a matte or natural finish. With that in mind, here's how you can choose the best one:

  • Dry look: If you want your curls to look completely dry and natural, then opt for an oil-based pomade. These will work best on curly hair that isn't too coarse or frizzy.
  • Wet look: If you're looking for a wet look (think Gatsby), go with something gel-based. These can be used on all types of curly hair because they don't leave any residue behind once they're washed out—which means no crunchy feeling!
  • Matte finish: Finally, if you prefer something low-shine and natural looking (ideal if you have fine hair!), then go with a product that will provide light control without weighing down your curls too much!

Find The Right Hold

The hold of pomade is the strength with which it holds your hair in place. The more hold, the more difficult it will be to move your hair around. Hold is measured by grams and is not related to the product you use or how much hair you have.

  • Light hold: A light hold means that your hair will still move around at least a little bit (think messy), but it won't be utterly unruly if you're going out on the town and want your curls to look polished (think bedhead).
  • Medium hold: A medium-hold pomade will provide just enough structure so that your curls don't go rogue at all—but not too much, so they look completely flat against your head.