How To Avoid 4 Most Common Shaving Mistakes

Most men would grapple with the idea of whether to have a beard or not at some point in their lives. For those men who choose to have beards, we get the appeal as they can sometimes frame the face and indicate the wearer’s personality. There are also other benefits that come along with having a beard, such as protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping you warm, and making you seem more attractive. Okay, the last point is subjective, but you get the idea. However, if you’re planning to shave for the first time or do not have many experiences with shaving, you’re bound to make shaving mistakes along the way. As such, in order to prevent you from getting injured or burnt, here are some ways to avoid common shaving mistakes.

Replace Disposable Razors After a Week

If you’re using a disposable razor, make it an effort to practice good shaving hygiene by changing out your razors after a week. This is because razor blades are hotbeds for bacteria and other germs to accumulate, especially considering the moist environment when placed inside the bathroom. As you’re gliding the blade across the skin, you’re essentially introducing those potentially harmful bacteria to your skin, causing breakouts, irritation, and other skin damage in the end. As such, it’s important to throw out any disposable razors once a week or to change out the blade once every three weeks.

Shave in the Direction of Your Hair Growth

One of the biggest shaving mistakes that many men overlook is to shave in the opposite direction of their hair growth. Yes, this method does allow you to get a closer shave and is much quicker to do, but it can cause pain and the hairs will grow back into the skin, rather than upwards and out. Therefore, for those with sensitive skin, in particular, do pay attention to shaving in the direction of your hair growth to prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs from occurring.

Exfoliate the Skin Before Shaving

Before actually shaving off any facial hairs, it’s crucial to exfoliate the skin beforehand in order to get rid of any stubborn grime, dirt, and most importantly, dead skin cells. This ensures that your skin will be clean for shaving while unclogging the pores and moisturizing the skin at the same time. You’ll find that by exfoliating the skin first, you’ll have a closer shave and the blade can glide along the hairs more smoothly.

Apply Shaving Gel

Instead of using just plain soap and water, turn to shaving gel in order for the blade to glide smoothly along the skin. As compared to other shaving products, shaving gel is much more suitable for sensitive skin as it provides a better lubricant to create a barrier between the blade and facial hairs. In addition, shaving gels are also clear, allowing you to see where you’re shaving.

We recommend going with Uplift Provision Company’s Clear Shaving Gel. This product is formulated with a bunch of beneficial ingredients, such as arnica to lessen razor burns, cactus for hydration, and spirulina to brighten up skin complexion. It’s also incredibly easy to use and since it's a water-based formula, the product won’t stick to the blade as much.