How Do You Know If A Pomade Is Water Based?

Pomade is one of the most trusted hair care products for men. Imagine how sticking some on your hair will already be more than enough to last your look for the entire day, and you will surely love to include it on your own part of the dresser at home, or even inside your office desk's drawer. All of them come in handy, regardless of what type they are. Are you aware that different kinds will affect your look, and have an impact on your confidence and hair health? You must have heard of water-based pomade. We will talk about them more on this page.

Characteristics of all Pomade Products

Regardless of their type, all products for this category are designed to give your hair the hold that you want for it, so that you can easily style it according to how you want to look for the day. They are entirely different from wax, cream or gel products. Their main characteristic boils down to the fact that they can make your hair glossy, shiny, or slick.

Ingredients in Water-Based Pomades

While oil-based pomades are made of petrolatum, petroleum, beeswax, paraffin or the like, water-based versions contain water, that is why they are water-soluble. That is also the main reason why you can easily style your hair with them on when compared to their oily counterparts. They easily wash out with water too. Despite that, they still define your hair style, giving it that gloss, and keeping the hair firmly in place the entire day. 

How are They Applied?

Scoop them out of the jar and you can spread them easily just by rubbing them between your hands. From there, you can comb or brush your hair to your most wanted style. They won't even stick in your hair or form tugs when you apply them. This is one characteristic you will appreciate in them especially because oil-based pomade seems to be waxier and heavier once applied.

Do They Make Your Hair Shine?

The answer depends on how shiny you want your hair to be. Oil-based pomades give that vibrant but heavy look, typical with the protagonists you see in movies of the 1930s. That said, they tend to keep sheen and build-up on your hair for several days, even when you have shampooed your hair every day. Water-based pomade gives a shiny finish without that oil or grease staying for so long, and what's more, they also give your hair the matte finish that you are looking for.

How Long do They Set?

As mentioned, water-based versions are easy to apply. You can do that in seconds, and they will set in minutes, then, they will hold your hair style all day. They do not become brittle or crunchy as others say. They set firmly, yet you get a hair that is soft to the touch.

There are indeed a lot of great things that set apart water-based pomades from their oil-based counterparts. They hold firmly, without drying or greasing your hair. They are also easy to wash out.