Here's How 6 Male Celebrities Style Their Hair With Pomade

Pomade is a product that has been around since the early 20th century, but it's recently become popular again. It's a wax or water-based product that can be used to style hair in almost any way imaginable. If you're not sure how to use Pomade, don't worry! We've compiled some of our favorite men's hairstyles with Pomade and explained how they wear their hair so you can get ideas for yourself.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake has a wide range of hairstyles. He has long and short, curly and straight, and different colors. He's been known to dye his hair so often that it's hard to keep track. But no matter the look he goes for, the guy always seems to have perfect hair with just the right amount of texture that makes him look stylish.

You would think that such an iconic celebrity would be picky about everything from what socks he puts on in the morning to what shampoo he uses when showering daily... but no! This guy takes care of himself like any other average person would: with whatever hair styling products are nearby at hand! So when it comes time for Justin Timberlake's stylist (or whoever else may be styling his hair) they use Pomade because it gives him that extra bit of hold without making it look too stiff or greasy.

Zayn Malik

You've likely seen his face before. He's a British singer known for his distinctively shaved head to various bold and trendy hairstyles. His latest look stunned fans with vibrant pink locks and hair styled with a medium-hold pomade that helped to create this alternative look.

Brad Pitt

If you've seen Brad Pitt on the red carpet, you know he uses pomade to style his hair. He has been a big fan of pomade for years and has even been named the best in the world (?? Brad Pitt is the best in the world?? At what?) . This Pomade (?? which pomade are you referring to??)  is made with natural ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter—all things that feel great in your hair but don't look greasy or heavy (like other men's products).

Brad Pitt styles his hair with this product whenever he wants to look good for an event where there will be cameras pointed at him from every direction. It keeps his locks looking clean and perfect all night long—even if he's dancing!

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is a popular actor with a thick head of hair that he styles with pomade. What kind of pomade does Leonardo Dicaprio use? He uses a water-based pomade that helps to keep his hair looking neat and stylish. The water-based nature of the product makes it easier for him to style his hair in different ways throughout the day without having to worry about messy results later on.

David Beckham - he retired back in 2013 and no longer plays professionally. He is also known to have more than short hair styles. I think this section needs to be revisited. Thank you!

David Beckham is probably one of the most well-known celebrities who uses pomade. He keeps his hair short and plays football professionally, so he needs something that will keep his hair in place when he's playing or training. A wax is great for this because it doesn't need to be washed out after use as would happen with a lotion or gel product. 

John Krasinski

If you're a fan of The Office, you might have heard of John Krasinski. He has starred in 13 Hours and The Hollars and is married to actress Emily Blunt. He's also a fan of pomade—which makes sense because he's always had great hair!

Krasinski looks like he has shortish hair while wearing his hat backward, but once you see it from the front—or even when looking at the side—it's clear that this guy knows what he's doing with his locks. You could easily mistake him for having longer hair than he does here; it just looks so thick that it doesn't seem like there are many layers. And even though this shot (?? is there an image I should be seeing??) isn't particularly flattering for most guys (he's got an ugly shirt on), we still love seeing how thick his hair looks compared to other celebrities who have tried out Pomade themselves!


Now that you've seen how various male celebrities use pomade, you may be inspired to try it out.