Handcrafting My Favorite Hair Product

As I fly back to California after spending an exhausting weekend with my Uplift business partner Rocco, I’m feeling accomplished but also proud.  Handcrafting our hair products such as our Signature Pomade, Styling Compound, and Texture Dust is both exhausting but also very rewarding.  We love doing it because we know our customers love our products.  We have customers with all types of hair.  Our higher-shine, higher-hold pomade is great for slick-backs, curly hair, pompadours, spiked hair, flat tops, and much more.  Our Styling Compound is a medium hold with medium shine that is great for more of a free-flow style, texture cuts, drier look.  If you want a totally dry look that adds volume, our pump-action Texture Dust is a must.  It’s a great asset for those hot and humid days that flatten your hair.  Just a couple pumps bring back the uplift, textured look. 

pump action texture dust


This weekend we manufactured a lot of product not only for our website customers but also packaged cases of products for to accommodate our wholesale customers as well.  You can find a list our Gold-Plated Uplift Retailers on our website.  If you would like to sell our Uplift products at retail prices, please go to our homepage and create an account.

 As Uplift Provisions Co. has been open for business for only 8 months, there have been some set-backs, however, we have made huge strides in increasing our manufacturing volumes.  Our goal is to keep our customers excited to keep coming back for more. How we do that is through our personalized customer service.  We are proud to provide free shipping on all our products. When you want product, we are here to get it to you fast and free. 

We added a massive 150lb melting pot to mass-produce the products you love and demand of us.  We have tripled our output as Uplift is gaining popularity.  Our customers are saying Uplift products are a life-style brand for them.  They know it’s got great ingredients, smells fantastic, hand-crafted, made with environment friendly ingredients, made in the USA, and veteran owned.

massive 150lb melting pot

We are excited to soon launch our new Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, along with an amazing aloe-based Shave Gel.   All weekend while in ‘manufacturing’ mode, I couldn’t help but think of all our customers we are reaching.  ‘Uplift’ means more than just our hair products.  We want our customers to see and use our products and feel supported, happy, and uplifted.  Our peppermint-lime scented products is proven to elevate one’s mood.  The added pheromones will get you through the day with extreme confidence.  I know I feel not only refreshed when using these products but proud to use them.  With our ‘Uplift Gives Back’ initiative, my Uplift business partner Rocco hosts weekly AA meetings at his barbershop in Stoneham, MA.  He strives to help others overcome their addictions and does a really good job at it.   Uplift is undergoing in-depth meetings to decide future donations for addiction awareness, substance abuse help, and mental health assistance.  We hope to soon launch an initiative that is does the most for those most in-need.  Check back again for updates.

To wrap up,  I’ve used these Uplift products before I partnered with Rocco. I believe in them.  Every morning when I wake up, I’m excited to use them in my hair. As the title states…. They are my favorite hair products.  I hope they are or will be yours too.


Steve Presti,

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Uplift Provisions Company, LLC. 

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