Barber Tips: How to Ask for the Haircut You Want

Did you know that only 54% of men that are unhappy with their haircut discuss the situation with the barber on the spot? 

You know that feeling. The chair swivels around, you look in the mirror and you're already thinking about which hat you're going to sport for the next few weeks. 

No one likes that feeling! So why is there such a big disconnect from when you sit down in that chair to the final unveiling of your new cut? 

Your time and money are too valuable to leave the barbershop not feeling your best. You deserve to have the look that you feel the best in. Don't worry, we're leaving that in the past, just like 2020.

Keep reading to find out the best way to arrive at the barbershop fully prepared.

Pictures Pictures Pictures   

The easiest way to communicate an image is with an image! Spend some time before your appointment and browse the internet. Think of a celebrity that has a haircut or style that you like and find a couple of key images to illustrate the look. 

It is important to come with several different pictures of different people. You will achieve better success if you can collectively show your barber what you're going for, rather than just one picture in a specific setting, they will have a greater idea of what you want. 

This is also a great tip especially if you are looking to add color to your hair. The perception of color is subjective, so again, gathering a collection of images will help strengthen the communication between you and your barber of what the goal is. 

Attention and Honesty 

Pay attention to the whole duration of the haircut. It can be easy to get caught up in a magazine or on your phone, but watching what your barber is doing in real-time could help prevent reaching a style you don't like. 

If you notice your barber is starting to cut too short or not short enough, speak up! This can avoid a future problem if caught early enough

Be honest with your barber. Yes, this is their livelihood and pride and joy, but you won't hurt their feelings if you don't like the direction the haircut is going. They want you to have a good experience, so don't be afraid to interject. 

Know your Hair 

Everyone has a different texture, thickness, and length of their hair. Knowing what you need, have an excess of or lack can help your barber recommend the right types of products that can enhance your cut. 

Does your hair feel flat? Tell your barber! They know exactly what you need. To add height and volume they might recommend texture dust.

There are a variety of hair products that can elevate your style with a simple conversation. 

Barber Shop Tips and Tricks 

Know the terminology. If you want a fade, make sure you know which guard size number will best correspond to the length you are seeking. 

Be realistic. It's easy to go to a barbershop and have the barber do all the work of a great blowout. But is this something you can maintain? If you don't have the time to blow it out and style it every day, tell your barber this. 

This leads to the next tip for the barber. Know the difference between a cut and a style. A haircut is part of the style, but it's not the whole thing. A haircut is what the barber gives to you, and a style is what you will maintain to amplify the haircut. 

Find a barber you are comfortable with. Trusting someone with your hair is a big deal, and you want to feel connected and familiar with who you're trusting to touch your precious locks. 

For example, if you have found a prospective barbershop, visit their website to find out more about their barbers, how their shop got started, and if it feels like a comfortable vibe for you to fit in with. 

Stay familiar with the shops' style. Try doing a quick search on social media to find an account or profile for barbers employed. Typically, you can scan their profile for pictures of their work and a feel for their personality. 

Utilize social media to give yourself a visual representation of the company and its style. 

Visit their website to get an idea of the types of services offered. This can help you prepare for the conversation with your barber, and give you some insight on what they specialize in. 

You Got This 

Confidence is key. Find out what about your hair makes you confident, and run to the barbershop with it. Finding the right haircut is a mutual benefit for you and your barber. Just remember, you got this. 

Do some research, find pictures, pay attention, and be honest, know your hair, and find a place with people and an atmosphere that you enjoy. 

At the end of the day, it's your hair and you deserve to feel the best in it. 

After reading this, you have all the best tips and tools to take with you to get the haircut of your dreams. More questions? We'd love to hear from you. 

Send us a message with your questions, comments, or concerns or just to learn more about Uplift Provisions co. 

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