Advantages Of Pomade Over Hair Gel

Having a well-groomed hairstyle is the key to looking good for any man. Many often overlook the importance of hair to a person’s overall appearance. A neat and stylish hairstyle can convey confidence, attractiveness, and professionalism. Pomade and hair gel are very popular products among men, but which should you choose?  

How Well the Product Holds Your Hair in Place

Hair gel offers the strongest hold out of any hair product. Even though it makes your hair feel wet and pliable when you first apply it, it dries down into a hard coat that holds your hair in position. This feeling can be uncomfortable for some who are used to having a softer feel to their hair.

On the other hand, pomade has a medium hold instead. It helps to thicken and add volume to your hair, but still leaves your hair flexible enough to readjust. For those who prefer hair that feels closer to natural product-free hair, pomade may be a better choice for you.

Touching Up Your Hair During the Day

While hair gel may hold your hairstyle in place for the entire day, this means it can be difficult to readjust your hair if you want to. Once the hair gel dries, there is no way to change your hairstyle without washing it out first. Pomade offers more flexibility and pliability to your hairstyle, making it perfect for those who want to touch up their hair or change their hairstyle slightly during the day. This also means that pomades make it easier for you to style your hair. In general, basic and simple hairstyles like a comb-over may work with gel but pomade can be used for both simple and complex hairstyles.

Texture and Characteristics of the Products

When the hair gel dries, it gives a “wet” and shiny look to your hair. It can also add texture and thickness for those who have thinning or fine hair. It is also quite easy to wash off. However, a major problem with hair gel is that if you use too much, the weight of the hair gel can cause your hair to flatten and make it look stiff. Additionally, once the hair gel dries, it can flake off. This may cause others to think that you have dandruff which is not a very good look!

There are two main types of pomades. Petroleum-based pomades give a slick and oily shine but are a little more difficult to wash off your hair. You will need the appropriate shampoo and some time to wash it out of your hair. The other type of pomade is water-based pomade. These pomades give your hair a matte look and are easier to wash off your hair. Whichever pomade you use, there is no risk that it will weigh your hair down. In fact, pomades work well with a variety of hair types too.

Overall, pomades are much better than hair gels. Furthermore, pomades have even been found to nourish your hair and scalp. This makes it not only a good styling product but also a good hair care product.