7 Ways To Style Thick Hair On Men

With a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from, selecting the right hairstyle for you can be a difficult process. The right hairstyle can project confidence and professionalism, which helps to elevate your overall appearance. One important thing when choosing your hairstyle is to take into account the texture of your hair. Depending on your hairstyling preferences, thick hair can either be a blessing or a curse. Thick hair allows you to explore and create many different hairstyles. However, its thickness can also make it difficult to control and you may run the risk of appearing messy. Take a look at this list so that the next time you style thick hair, you’ll know what to choose!

Hairstyles that Work with Thick Hair

These are a mix of conservative, experimental, and dramatic hairstyles. Depending on your personality and the image you want to portray of yourself, pick the hairstyle that best appeals to you! Don’t be afraid to try something new or use these as inspiration for your own original creation.

  • Wavy side-swept hair: This is perfect for those who have longer hair. The hair is swept to the side in a dramatic fashion, giving you an outstanding and noticeable look. The thickness of the hair enhances the style by giving it a full-bodied appearance, one that will definitely get you a few compliments!
  • Swept-back hairstyle: As opposed to brushing your hair to the side, this will require you to brush your hair backward. To give your hairstyle a greater volume, leave the sides unclipped.
  • Blown quiff: The volume that thick hair naturally has makes it an ideal hair type to be styled into a quiff. Try using hair products and pomades to create a smooth arc of motion in your quiff. This will help catch the eye of others.
  • Tousled’ n roll: To achieve this hairstyle, swirl your hair into a flurry of curls and waves using a blow dryer and brush. These loose curls make your hair appear softer and more relaxed. Importantly, it is a good choice for those who like to use lesser hair products. Only a small amount of styling compound is required to hold this style in place throughout the day.
  • Thick undercut with a hard part: This style works very well for those who have heavy facial hair. By trimming the sides of the hair on your head, you can appear more elegant or more rugged depending on how you style it. Furthermore, change up the vibe of the hairstyle by regulating how much time you spend combing it!
  • Spiky side brush with a thick texture: Those who are unfamiliar with thick hair may find it difficult to manage. This hairstyle makes the most of thick hair’s volume by giving the top a side-sway and brush up. Make sure that your sides are tapered in layers too. If you have a beard, it will elevate the entire look by giving it a subtle balance.
  • Thick-textured medium top: A key factor to styling thick hair is making sure the sides are well-groomed. This hairstyle involves taper fading the sides while moving towards a fine fade as you get closer to the temple. This can also be known as a drop fade or temple fade. Leave your top curly with a side sweep in order to add even more vibrancy to this look.