7 Hair Styling Tips for Men to Keep You Looking Handsome

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside-down. And, although there are CDC guidelines for barbershops and salons to open safely, it's still tough to get in for a haircut. Your favorite place might not be able to open yet, either. 

Now that you're on your own, though, you need a bit of help keeping your hair looking its best. Luckily, we've got you covered. 

These are our seven best hairstyling tips for men.

1. Use a Gentle Shampoo

The shampoo-shower gel combo in your shower? It's time to stop washing your hair with that. 

You'll notice a huge difference in the feel and look of your hair if you ditch a chemical-laden formula. For example, if your shampoo contains a sulfate-based detergent, it could be rough on your hair cuticles and leave you with frizzy strands. 

So, check the ingredient list on your shampoo. If your formula has things like amino acids, vitamin E or wheat protein, it will leave your hair in a much better, easy-to-style state. 

2. Don't Wash Your Hair Daily

You might think that the first tip on a list of how to keep hair looking good would be to wash it daily. 

But regular shampooing can easily dry out your strands, making them brittle and frizzy. Instead, start washing your hair every other day to restore your hair's natural strength and shininess. 

You can adjust your hair-washing schedule to suit your particular texture and oiliness. Curly hair tends to need fewer weekly washes than straight hair, for example. 

Make sure you're using the right hair-washing method, too. 

3. Apply Conditioner, Too

Like we said, that all-in-one bottle of soap in your shower isn't going to help you control your coif. 

Buy a separate bottle of conditioner and use it every time you wash. Conditioner is vital to the health and look of your strands. Shampoo pulls away dirt and oil from your scalp, and then conditioner comes in to nourish and strengthen your hair. 

Again, you'll want to adjust your wash-and-condition schedule to suit your hair type and texture. You've got nothing but time during lockdown for a bit of trial and error — start spreading out your hair washes to see how your mane reacts. 

4. Pat Your Hair Dry

There are plenty of ways to stall the hair-thinning process. One of them takes just a few minutes post-shower. 

Start patting your hair dry, rather than tousling it with a towel. Rubbing your hair can create friction, which causes breakage of the strands. 

Even if thinning isn't yet on your radar, you might want to try the hair-patting method to make styling easier. Broken strands aren't as easy to control and style as healthy, smooth hair. 

5. Choose the Right Styling Products

With a base of healthy, clean, nourished hair, it'll be much easier to style your hair the way you like it. 

However, you won't be able to complete the job without the right styling products. When in doubt, go with a pomade. These products are designed to be lightweight and universal. So, someone with curly hair could use it just as effectively as someone with straight strands. 

There are specialty hair products out there, too. Clay-based products are designed for thinning hair, for example. And then you have gels, which provide visual hold — in other words, your hair will look slick and shiny once you apply the gel. 

This step will require a bit of trial and error on your part, too. So, grab a new pomade or gel and see how it looks and feels. Experiment until you find the right way to style your hair from home. 

6. Invest in a Small Razor

If you can't get in for a haircut, your edges will always be what gives you away. 

You don't want to give yourself a full-on haircut, of course. But if you buy a small razor, you can keep your edges manicured between visits to the barbershop. 

In the past, you might've depended on your barber to keep your edges in order. Now, though, you can quickly buzz away neck fuzz and other messy-looking growth. This step will extend the life of your haircut so you don't have to go to the barber as frequently. 

Even when the salons reopen, you can continue doing this, too. You'll end up saving money and time on hairstyling if you take care of this step yourself. 

7. Schedule Your Appointment Wisely — and As Infrequently As Possible

Finally, if you do need a haircut, make sure you choose your appointment time wisely. 

Of course, most salons and barbershops will be cutting down on the number of people they allow onto the premises. But if you really want to ensure that you'll be one of the few clients in the building, then schedule your session either right when the place opens or just before it shuts. 

In normal times, too, these times tend to be the least busy. So, use this information to your advantage to keep yourself safe when you absolutely need a haircut. 

On that note, be sure that you're only going to the barbershop or salon when it's necessary. If you can clip your own hair, then do it at home. But if you don't have the resources or ability to do so, then go see your stylist — as infrequently as possible, to keep everyone safe. 

Follow Our Hairstyling Tips for Men For Better Hair

The pandemic hasn't been kind to your grooming routine thus far, but these hairstyling tips for men are about to turn that around. Take better care of your locks — and yourself — and you'll feel so much better. 

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