6 Ways to Get a Clean Shave With Clear Shaving Gel


If you're struggling with skin irritation during or after you shave, you're not alone. Almost 60 percent of African American men experience razor bumps, or pseudofolliculitis barbae, which can cause skin inflammation and even scar over time.

However, it's important to keep in mind that you don't have to keep suffering from razor bumps. One of the best ways to start is to choose a shaving gel that's able to give you a reliable clean shave. 

Read on to learn how clear shaving gel can help you achieve a near-perfect shaving routine! 

1. Fortified Shaving Gel 

One of the top benefits of choosing a shaving gel versus a dry shave is that it also comes with beneficial ingredients for your skin and hair follicles. For instance, plant extracts such as arnica have anti-inflammatory properties that can help your skin look less red and irritated after you shave. 

Spirulina, on the other hand, contains antioxidants that can help your skin appear firmer and brighter. It's also capable of fighting free radicals that often contribute to the aging of your skin.

Lastly, cactus adds much-needed moisture to your skin that helps combat irritation and contributes to a smooth shave.

2. Clean Shave Every Time

One of the benefits of a clear shaving gel versus the more common opaque kinds is that you'll be able to see the skin below the shaving gel at all times. This means you can be more careful about creating clean, precise lines.

A clear formula also helps you avoid other areas of your skin, such as healing injuries, moles, and acne so that you don't irritate your skin even more. Lastly, a clear gel formula enables you to apply it in multiple ways.

You're able to apply the gel to a dry face and then shave without any irritation. It can also be applied with a splash of water if you like a wet shave. 

3. Close Shave

If you're a fan of a close shave every time, a wet shave with shaving gel provides more consistent results for your signature style than a dry shave. This is because a viscous gel formula provides a protective barrier for your skin as the razor glides across it.

The razor is able to press against your skin closer without irritation because of the slick, frictionless surface the gel provides. Safety blades and cartridge razors also provide a protective ridge of plastic that keeps you from cutting yourself, even if you press too hard. 

You're simply not able to get as close of a shave if you're using an electric razor. 

4. Quick Cleanup 

One benefit that most people don't consider is that wet shaving with shaving gel is easier to clean up compared to dry shaving. This is because the gel is formulated to not get clumped up within your razor. Since it's water-based, you can easily rinse away the gel in a couple of seconds with water. 

As you wet shave, you'll find that the gel along with the shaved hairs will naturally clump up on your razor. On the other hand, dry shaving means that you probably experience stray hairs falling down to your skin or the countertop. 

Although both methods may take an equal amount of time, using shaving gel will cut down on how long it takes you to clean up afterward. 

5. Affordable

Many men and women find that wet shaving is more affordable compared to any other hair removal method. This is because the cost of disposable plastic razors is relatively affordable.

Shaving gel can be more costly, but it's formulated so that you only need to use a small amount each time you shave. This means that a bottle can easily last you a month or more.

Wet shaving is also easy to do yourself with great results–you don't have to pay a professional each month if you want a better shave. For instance, although waxing your legs is a way to achieve smooth skin for longer, it can be difficult to do yourself. 

Wet shaving can achieve the same smooth results with a fraction of the effort. 

6. Practice Self-Care

Last but not least, shaving with shaving gel is a way of practicing important self-care every day. This is because when you're using clear shaving gel, you're paying more attention to the clean lines you're creating with your razor. Men can take this time to focus on the present, let go of some of the stress of the day, and focus simply on taking care of themselves. 

It's easier to do this with wet shaving because it takes a little more time and effort than dry shaving. It's also quieter–dry shaving requires the use of noisy electric razors that inspire you to get it done as soon as possible. 

This can lead to imperfect results and a less zen experience.  

Choose a Clear Shaving Gel for a Great Shave 

It's important to keep in mind that you no longer have to suffer from skin irritation, uncomfortable razor bumps, and a subpar shaving experience. Shaving gel provides a layer of cool, comfortable protection that enables the razor to glide effortlessly across your skin.

Not only will you have an easier time creating clean lines with a clear shaving gel, but you also won't have to suffer from the irritation that usually follows. Another benefit of shaving gel is that it requires a more finessed technique. 

You'll have greater control of your appearance from day to day. Even better, getting ready in the morning becomes more relaxing with great scents that can uplift your mood.

Ready to enjoy a shaving experience that includes a signature peppermint and lime scent? Shop our shave gel today to enjoy moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties!