6 Dos And Don'ts When Caring For A Beard

Regardless of the thickness or length of your beard – whether bushy or sparse, whether long or short – you must take care of them accordingly. This is to optimize not just their appearance, but their health as well. You must consider the goals that you have in mind when doing so. Learn how to care for a beard by keeping the following do's and don'ts in mind.

#1 – Do Wash It Up to Thrice a Week

Do you think you are already washing your beard once water flows to it when you are taking a shower? The truth is, water is not enough for that. Remember that these are exposed to dust or dirt, and they can get messy just in case you spill a drink on it. All these are reasons for you to wash and condition them thoroughly at least twice a week, at the minimum. 

#2 – Don't Overdo Washing, Though

Go easy on the beard by using a gentle beard wash or shampoo. Do not be too obsessed when scrubbing it as well. When you are too rough on your beard, there is a tendency that it will dry out, which will eventually result in irritation and itching.

#3 – Do Take Note of Your Skin Type When Maintaining them

You are hoping you can just get any product you have seen in your local stores and use them for beard maintenance. As with choosing your hairstyling products, you must also consider your skin type when deciding on the products that you will purchase to take care of your beard. The rule of thumb is look for a product that goes with your skin type, then make sure you wash your beard accordingly. If you have oily skin, wash more frequently and do otherwise if your skin is dry. Get fragrance-free products if you have sensitive skin.

#4 – Don't Forget Your Neckline

Your facial hair grows past that. The neckline often lies two fingers above your Adam's apple, or right on that part where the underside of your face meets the neck. Make sure you shave below the neckline to keep your beard tidy. Apply gel, shaving cream or oil and use a sharp blade to avoid irritation from ingrown hairs.

#5 – Do Trim Your Beard

Pruning helps your moustache in check, while also ensuring that you get the right shape and length to make it look healthy. Like hair, it can also have split ends. Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, you must trim it regularly. Generally, you must do it once every month to keep its ideal length.

#6 – Do Keep Your Beard Moisturized

Just like you do with your hair, your beard also needs moisturization to prevent dryness and irritation. There are pomades made for beards, separate from the pomades for your hair. Just the same, both products aim at nourishing these tresses so that they won't feel dry. This is best to avoid the beard from feeling rough when it rubs the skin.

These are but some of the few things you must remember when caring for a beard. There are yet other tips to bear in mind.