4 Ways To Prevent Razor Burn On Face

Most people will have experienced razor burns at least once in their lives. If you’re uneducated on the proper steps of shaving, there’s a high chance your skin will pay for it by becoming irritated and even injured in more severe cases. As such, it’s incredibly important to shave in a correct and safe manner in order to protect your skin from getting further damaged. In this post, we look into some effective methods to prevent razor burns from occurring. These steps can be applied to anyone, even those with sensitive skin.

Never Forget to Prep the Skin Properly

This advice cannot be more important. Similar to many things in life, it’s always good to start off with a clean base and shaving is no exception. By cleaning your skin with a facial cleanser that suits your skin type, you’re getting rid of all those sebum buildups, dirt, and other environmental pollution that clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. Cleansing your face also allows warm water to prepare the face, making the skin more resilient and less stubborn. As you drag the blade across your face, your skin won’t be easily tugged and the blade can shave off the facial hairs in a cleaner and more efficient manner. After you have cleansed the skin, we recommend applying a pre-shave gel in order to soften the hairs, which makes it quicker for the razor to shave off.

Practice Good Razor Hygiene

It should come as no surprise that razors can accumulate bacteria over time. Considering that razors are mostly placed inside the bathroom, the moisture in the air makes the razor a perfect breeding ground for germs and other organisms to settle on the blade. If you shave your facial hair with a dirty blade, you’re basically introducing those germs to your skin. In addition, some of the germs can spread infections like warts and fungal infections, which can severely irritate the skin. As such, there’s a need to practice good razor hygiene, such as replacing the razor after eight uses and after three weeks. For those with sensitive skin, we recommend going with a razor that has fewer blades.

Soothe the Skin Immediately

Many people may not know that after shaving, the skin becomes extremely dry, which is particularly detrimental to those with sensitive skin. In order to hydrate the skin and basically close the pores, you’ll have to soothe and calm the skin by applying aftershave. Though aftershave provides a nice fragrance, it is not meant to be used primarily as a cologne. Instead, aftershave helps to disinfect the pores and cleanse off any remaining dirt. We also recommend splashing some cold water for a refreshing touch.

Use a Shaving Gel

The biggest mistake that anyone can commit when shaving the face is to shave it dry. We also do not advise using just plain soap as that may cause irritation to some skin types. Instead, opt for shaving gels, which provide a barrier against the skin and the blade. This ensures a smooth and clean shave each time, and you’ll find that the blade is much easier to clean off as well. If it’s possible, try going with clear shaving gels, like Uplift Provisions Company’s Clear Shave Gel, that’s formulated with soothing plant extracts and other beneficial ingredients that help prevent razor burn and dehydration. A clear shaving gel is arguably the best shaving product to go with as it allows you to see where the razor is.