4 Essential Men's Hair Products For Maximum Style

We’ve come a long way in terms of men’s grooming. From a time when hairstyling and grooming needs are largely catered towards women, more and more men these days are understanding the importance of looking good. However, this rise in demand for men’s hair and other grooming products has led to a wide array of options being introduced. Whether it’s a simple shampoo to more specific hairstyling products like pomade and hairspray, taking care of our hair needs can be a rather taxing job. As such, if you find yourself overwhelmed in choosing which products to go with, here are the top four essential men’s hair products that everyone should own. With this guide, it’ll make it much more manageable to find out what products to get in order to achieve your desired style.

Hair Pomade

If we have to choose just one men’s hair product, it would be hair pomade. This classic hairstyling product is what allows men to achieve a slick or matte appearance while keeping their hairstyle in place all day and against any environmental conditions at the same time. There are various kinds of hair pomades available, though the most common ones are oil-based, water-based, and wax-based. With Uplift Provisions Company, our Signature Pomade is incredibly versatile, allowing users to go with either a greasier look when applied wet or a matte appearance when applied dry. In addition, our Signature Pomade ensures the strongest hold on your hairstyle and can be used for both mustaches and beards as well.

Hair + Body Wash

We know that many women may be fortified with the idea of a multi-purpose hair and body wash, but if the product is of high quality, it is actually fine to use for daily washes. We recommend against purchasing those that are of low quality as the chemicals formulated may harm your skin and scalp, causing a number of issues, such as irritation and dehydration. However, when it comes to those that are well-made and formulated with the right ingredients like Uplift Provisions Company’s Hair + Body Wash, the product provides convenience, yet does not compromise on moisture. Our Hair + Body Wash is infused with aloe vera, coconut oil, and other vitamins to revitalize the scalp and nourish the hair and body.

Styling Compound

For those who enjoy a matte appearance, a styling compound is no doubt a must-have. Unlike our Signature Pomade, our Styling Compound is made primarily with kaolin clay and beeswax, which provides a more pliable texture. This means that you can run your hands through your hair and change up the style at any time throughout the day. Since our Styling Compound is essentially a hair clay product, it’s suitable for hairstyles that are extremely volumizing. The kaolin clay also helps to cleanse the scalp by drawing out any impurities without over-drying it.

Texture Dust

Ever wondered why some people choose to not wash their hair on a daily basis? Well, aside from not over-stripping the hair’s natural oils, not washing the hair daily allows for hair to be more textured on the subsequent days, which holds a hairstyle better. If you’re someone who has to wash their hair daily, no worries, as you can still achieve that look with our Texture Dust. Simply apply it to your scalp and the product will soak up any excess oil, as well as offer some volume to the hair.