3 Styling Tips For Men's Messy Medium Haircut

The messy medium haircut is a popular haircut for men. It's easy to style and can look great on most people. This article will teach you some tips to help you get the most out of your new cut.

Use The Right Styling Products

The right product for your hair can be a game-changer in styling. It doesn't have to be fancy—you can grab most shave gel products from your local drugstore, and they'll do the trick. But you should consider how much time you want to spend styling your hair, what type of look you're going for, and if any special styling tools are necessary (e.g., curling irons).

For Example: 

If you want defined curls that last all day long, then a gel would work best for you because it creates a stronghold that makes it hard for stray hairs to escape their shapely coil. But if your goal is to tame flyaways so that they don't stick out above the rest of your head like little antennae, then perhaps mousse or cream is more appropriate since its lighter consistency allows air into each strand as opposed to holding it down at its roots as gel does.

  • A volumizing mousse will give short hair more volume but won't work as well on long hair.
  • If you have fine or thinning hair, choose a styling creaminstead of gel or pomade because they add shine but don't weigh down your locks.
  • If you have curly locks, look for products with holding power (like a paste), so they don't turn into frizz balls by the end of the day
  • Apply more of the product towards the top of your hair to create a strong style.
  • After you have applied the product, comb through your hair to distribute it evenly. Then use more of the product towards the top of your head to create a strong style. Apply a little more on the roots of your hair so that when you part it later in the day, there will be no visible balding spots.
  • If, for some reason, you don't want any products in your hair whatsoever, add water instead.

Blow-Dry Your Hair For The Best Results For Both Wavy And Straight Hair Types

When it comes to blow-drying, the basic rule of thumb is that the more damaged your hair is, the longer you need to dry it. For example, if you have thick or coarse hair, you might want to dry your locks for five minutes before moving on to styling. And if your hair is fine or thinning? You can probably get away with just one minute of heat exposure.

When drying your strands—whether straight or wavy—the key is not just about creating volume but also getting them nice and smooth. 

To create volume: use a round brush and blow-dry from roots to ends; this will help define each strand without giving them too much lift (which can cause frizz). 

For a smoother look: use either a flat brush or an actual diffuser attachment (you know what these are) on medium heat while moving through different sections of hair at different angles; this will give each strand somebody but won't make it look like it's standing up straight off the scalp!

Distribute The Product Carefully To Get A Clean, Volumized Look

Don't be afraid to experiment with different products until you find one that works for your hair type.

Start by applying the product evenly throughout the roots of your hair, and then work it through with a comb or brush. If you have longish hair, you may also want to use a blow-dryer! This will help add some volume at the roots and make the messy hairstyle look more polished. If your hair isn't as long or thick as mine, use a brush or just let it air dry!