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We Introduce to Our Valued Retailers...

Uplift's Newest Amazing Product:  

Hair & Body Wash

Retails at $18

If you've tried it, then you know.  But if you haven't, it's a game changer for you and your business.  

We manufactured only 12 cases of product and it was a huge success. We under-estimate the demand for Uplift Hair + Body Wash.   We are definitely manufacturing more! 

Here are some attributes of this Hair & Body Wash you should know. 

    1. It has that amazing Uplift scent you've come to love
    2. It is Aloe-vera enriched
    3. Gently cleanses hair
    4. Revives scalp
    5. Moisturizes body
    6. Natural ingredients including coconut oil and Vitamin E add moisture and shine and make hair softer and more manageable.
    7. Perfect for daily use and all hair types.
    8. Immensely sudsy for a great overall wash! 

 The Hair + Body Wash comes in the typical 14 units per case.  12 units for you to sell and 2 FREE for you to use as backbar.