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Supporting Small Business

While multinational corporations might get most of the press coverage, research shows that it is small to medium-sized businesses that form the backbone of America’s economy. In fact, an American Express study found that U.S. small businesses (which are considered companies with 100 employees or less) generate about $4.8 trillion worth of the nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

While there are dozens of reasons we support small businesses, the most important are:

  • Small businesses define their communities: Unlike transnational corporations which operate in multiple counties and have little loyalty to any of them, small businesses have a profound relationship with the communities they are present in, creating a virtually familial bond.
  • Small businesses are run by real people, not algorithms, stockholders, or a board of directors: When you walk into a small business the owner (or their relatives) will often greet you from behind the counter. If there is a problem or issue, you can quickly go to the source to get it resolved. With a major corporation, it is unlikely you’ll ever meet the owners since they are usually separated from their customers by hundreds of layers.
  • Small businesses are flexible: There is a reason why major corporations and governments get along so well, and that is because they both tend to be inflexible. No matter how many employees or resources a multinational may have at its disposal, it can never match the flexibility of a small business because its size won’t allow it.
  • Small businesses recognize their fallibility: Large corporations often have so many customers that drawing the ire of a few of them, or even many won’t make much of a difference to the corporate heads, whereas a smaller business can’t afford to offend their clientele, as getting bad feedback or reviews can quickly take its toll. As a consequence small entrepreneurs tend to be keenly aware of their limitations and fallibility and are less likely to make serious mistakes.
  • Small businesses promote creativity and originality: Large corporations fear taking risks because the consequences of making a mistake or having a setback can lead to the loss of millions or billions of dollars. This has led to a risk-averse environment that is homogeneous, where products and services are looking more and more alike. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can afford to take more risks since the consequences of making a mistake are lower, and this puts them at the forefront of innovation. It is also the reason why a lot of major corporations watch small businesses carefully, wait for them to take the risks, and if they succeed the larger business will either mimic their ideas and take credit for it or attempt an acquisition.

Why Choose Uplift Provisions Company?

We’re a small town business that practices what we preach. Uplift Provisions Company was founded by Rocco Danieli, a master barber who has been in the industry for over two decades. While still cutting and styling, he’s been busy developing hair care products that have become wildly popular.

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